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Mackintoshes, ugly!? Think again, at Norwegian Rain you'll find stylish and chic jackets that can withstand large amounts of rain. Alexander and T-Michael, the founders of the brand, live in Bergen, Norway, the rainiest city in Europe. This inspired them to start this brand with mackintoshes that are waterproof, breathable and recycled. Drawing on traditional tailoring techniques, 'Japanese sensibilities' and high-tech innovative solutions, they created Norwegian Rain. Alexander and T-Michael believe that "protecting you from the natural elements should go hand in hand with protecting our natural elements."


It is difficult to say anything about the working conditions in which these mackintoshes are made. We do not know in which country and in which factory the production takes place. What we do know is that 95% of the material production is Bluesign certified. From an ethical point of view, this means that the safety of the workers involved in the material production is ensured. This certificate does not provide any information about the working conditions during the further finishing of the jackets.


70-100% of the technically woven Japanese fabrics in the jackets is recycled polyester. This refers to the waterproof outer layer, the remaining percentage is virgin polyester. 95% of the polyester is Bluesign and Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that no harmful substances have been used in production, natural resources are responsibly managed, water, air pollution and waste water are reduced to minimise ecological footprint, and safety for the workers involved and consumers is guaranteed.

In the lining you will find polyester and viscose. Viscose is also called artificial silk and is made from wood pulp. The lining of the collars is usually made of cashmere wool or sheep's wool, which is soft and warm. The buttons are made of animal horns.

The advanced Japanese fabric is extremely water repellent. The membrane prevents water from seeping through the fabric while allowing the fabric to breathe. The jackets from Norwegian Rain are therefore truly 100% waterproof and have a water column of 20,000 mm.

Animal welfare

The jackets of this brand are not completely vegan, it is in the details. The buttons attached to them are horn buttons, made from animal horns. The good news is that these horns are ethically sourced from animals in the food industry, so it's actually a residual material. Most of the collars of Norwegian Rain jackets are lined with cashmere, a type of wool from the cashmere goat. Some collars are lined with shearling wool.

Circular economy

The technical fabrics are made of 70-100% recycled polyester. Sometimes supplemented with new polyester. The linings and buttons are made of new materials, including viscose and cashmere. The addition of these fabrics, other than polyester, makes the jackets difficult to recycle. Because they are not made of a mono-material, the textile fibres are difficult to separate. Also, the coats are not biodegradable because they are made of polyester, which is a synthetic material. We understand that Norwegian Rain chooses this material because it is very suitable for making waterproof products.

Should anything happen to your jacket that makes it lose its functionality, Norwegian Rain will repair it for you. So you don't have to worry about the quality and longevity of this rainwear!

When a garment is beyond repair, it enters the waste or recycling phase. When the brand was looking for a manufacturer ten years ago, they chose one with a closed chain, this factory could eventually recycle the clothes after use but in the beginning the brand was too small to use this and later the factory stopped. Now the brand is looking for a new chemical recycling partner to close the life cycle of the coats and adopt a fully circular business model.

Slow fashion

Norwegian Rain's jackets have interesting silhouettes and do not look like the standard mackintosh. You might expect that from a high-end brand, these raincoats are designed down to the last detail. One jacket has sleek lines and the other falls smoothly and organically. That way, you can find a jacket that suits your style best. The brand has a women's, men's and unisex collection and the sizes run from XS to 3XL. This way, there is a great jacket for everyone, regardless of gender and size.

Norwegian Rain has a real slow-fashion mentality, besides striving for optimal quality, functionality, timelessness and environmental friendliness, they produce in small quantities and do not participate in sales. The latter challenges their design process, as the designs must therefore be relevant in every season. The founders see this as an advantage because less clothing needs to be produced and retailers can keep their profit margins at a sustainable level. The owners of the clothing can enjoy functional mackintoshes that last, that they feel cool and protected in, regardless of the season.


The brand is clear about the vision they have for fashion and the materials they use, it is a pity that they do not share much about the production of their jackets. Even the country of production is unknown. Therefore, we cannot give Norwegian Rain a high score on transparency.

Find out where you can buy Norwegian Rain's unique high-end mackintoshes on the COSH! map below and have a dry future!

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