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For delicate and cheerful lingerie, Nette Rose is the place to be. The light lace, colorful floral patterns and playful prints provide a variety of both delicate and tougher lingerie sets. This South African brand is extremely feminine and committed to female empowerment in front of and behind the scenes.


Nette Rose is a brand for and by women. Ethical production is therefore a top priority. This is reflected in the atmosphere in the production studio; music is played in the studio, there are flexible working hours and there is room to take the occasional necessary day off. By producing locally, Nette Rose stimulates the local economy in Cape Town. The company also works to empower women in the labor market.


For every bralette purchased, Nette Rose plants a tree in Madagascar. This offsets all CO2 emissions from your purchase, from production to delivery.

In Nette Rose's atelier, the team uses materials and fabrics sparingly. For example, they have lace produced in small batches to avoid making unnecessary material.

The lingerie is made of a combination of nylon and elastane. These are synthetic materials that make the lingerie stretchy and fit comfortably. Synthetic materials have the risk of releasing microplastics into the water during washing. However, Nette Rose's delicate lingerie is better washed by hand, significantly reducing this risk.

The yarn they use comes from a South African, waste-free company. This company uses solar energy and, while working with Nette Rose, already planted 1,000 olive trees to offset their emissions.

The packaging material the company uses is also made locally. When ordering online, you can even choose between a fragrant cardboard box or minimal, zero-waste packaging.


Because Nette Rose prioritizes ethical conditions in the production process, there unfortunately is little information about the materials used. This makes it difficult to estimate the circularity of the brand.

The brand works according to a zero waste approach in the atelier. The collections are produced in smaller runs to avoid overstock. Leftover fabric is kept for future upcycling projects. In this way, Nette Rose is committed to being more circular.

Short chain

Nette Rose has a short chain as everything is designed and produced in their own studio. Even the yarns and packaging materials are produced locally! Unfortunately, the product does travel a long distance to get to you depending on where you live, from South Africa to Europe.


Presumably no animal materials are used in the Nette Rose collection, but due to lack of information it is difficult to verify. Sometimes there are animal ingredients in glue, for example. Therefore we cannot be 100% sure that Nette Rose is completely vegan.


Nette Rose products are delicate, which is why the brand provides specific washing instructions to keep your lingerie beautiful for a longer time. They recommend washing your product by hand, at a low temperature.

Nette Rose has an extremely feminine style with soft colors, cheerful prints and embroidered flowers. But there are also tougher designs in the collection, as well as simple items you can combine with anything.


On Nette Rose's site you will find all the information about their production workshop. This way you can get to know the ladies who make your beautiful lingerie. In terms of materials and their origin, the brand can still take steps to be more transparent. However, it is clear that all materials come from the local area of the production studio, a big step in the right direction!

Looking for an intimate surprise for your partner? Or do you want to spoil yourself with a beautiful lingerie set? Then you've come to the right place at Nette Rose! Discover where you can find the collection on the map below.

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Nette rose COSH SS22 black lace