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Most men don't like having to stand in front of their closets for hours. They take a simple T-shirt or sweater and a pair of trousers and start their day. But what if they could make this morning ritual a lot more ecological? This is possible with the clothing brand Munoman! Comfortable clothing for the simple but stylish man. Munoman is part of the umbrella organization Green Queens.

People & planet

Green Queens prefers a clean planet and therefore produces in an ecological way. Green Queens does this by only using sustainable materials, such as organic cotton. The GOTS label applies to all organic cotton pieces and also to knitwear. Green Queens has been working for ten years with the same manufacturers for their fine knitwear and jersey fabrics. Bamboo, Tencel and recycled PET are also made at the same certified factory. The production of the clothing itself takes place in factories in Turkey and Portugal. There, the employees work in good working conditions and receive a fair wage.


Green Queens knows very well how much stock is needed in each shop. By using digital printing, it can also estimate much better how much it has to produce and that way they have less over stock. If there is an overstock, Green Queens will sell it during stock sales. Or it goes to non-profit organizations and charities, such as Payoke and Doctors Without Vacation. Fabric leftovers and damaged clothing go to Berrefonds.


Durable and comfortable clothing for the casual man. With Munoman you make an environmentally conscious choice every morning!

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