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Circular Economy Jeans

MUD Jeans makes high quality jeans in the most sustainable way.

The range offers sustainable jeans shorts, jackets, skinny jeans, straight leg and other models either in 100% organic cotton, Organic cotton with a little stretch or a mix of upcyled cotton from old jeans.

The MUD jeans fabrics are woven and dyed in Valencia (Spain) or Anatoliae (Turkey). A small-scale factory in Tunisia stitches them into your new favourite jeans.

Mud jeans pioneered with 's worlds first circular economy denim, by offering the option to lease a jeans. Jeans which you leased or which got damaged, and either they will just wash it or Mud repairs them to sell 2nd hand with your name on it to tell the story of the jeans. How cool is that?!


Mud Jeans COSH sustainable denim jeans jacket
Mud Jeans COSH sustainable denim skirt
Mud Jeans COSH Men Sustainable Jacket Tyler halffront
MUD Jeans Woman Organic Jeans Regular Swan Authentic Indigo halfback 4
Mud Jeans COSH Woman Organic Jeans Regular Swan Sea Stone detail 1
MUD JEANS COSH Sustainable Man Ethical Jeans Regular Dunn O3 Grey fullfront 1

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