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German clothing brand Melawear empowers local communities in India and makes sustainable clothing accessible to all. Mela means "acting together" in Hindi, it couldn't be more beautiful.


The timeless clothing, comfortable t-shirts, stylish shirts, backpacks and shoes are made from 100% Fairtrade and GOTS certified cotton. The buttons of the cotton knitwear are made of Tagua nuts, a natural material.

The brand chooses to make the clothing as much as possible from one material - namely organic cotton - so that the clothing is also easier to recycle afterwards.

A small exception is the shoes, where it is difficult to make them from just one material. But Melawear also works with sustainable materials for its shoes and sneakers. The shoe soles are made from Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified rubber, sourced from Sri Lanka. Melawear also assures that there are no plastics present in its shoes, so they will not leave behind microplastics.

The leather used for details in the backpacks and a pair of shoes is vegetal tanned leather. This means that the leather has been treated with natural materials. A process that takes longer, but is much more environmentally friendly than chemical processes.

When the Melawear backpack was nominated for the German Sustainability Award, the brand calculated its impact. What did it reveal? By using only organic cotton in 2016, the company was able to save for its 25,000 backpacks: 4,150 kg of CO2 and 6,960,000 liters of water.


The backpacks and most shoes (with the exception of the black women's shoe which is completely vegan) contain some animal leather, so Melawear is not 100% vegan.

Responsible working conditions

Melawear works with Indian suppliers for its genderless T-shirts, shirts, hair bands, hats and jackets. We at COSH think it's super that the brand is both Fairtrade and GOTS certified, so you can be sure that the workers on the cotton fields and in the textile and stitching factories get a fair wage and can work in good conditions. Every year Melawear is audited by FLO CERT experts to ensure compliance with fair trade standards.

De rugzakken en de meeste schoenen (met uitzondering van de zwarte vrouwenschoen die volledig vegan is) bevatten voor een deel dierlijk leer, waardoor Melawear niet 100% vegan is.

Melawear wants to reduce inequality in the world through fair trade between India and Europe.

In addition, the brand wants to actively contribute to the local economy. Through a Fairtrade premium price, farmer cooperatives receive an extra bonus that can be used to build local infrastructure or schools. COSH! thinks it's super that extra money is invested to support the community in the long run.

Melawear also established a new standard the "Fairtrade Textile Standard" with partner factory PureCotz in Gujarat, India. This label goes beyond the minimum wage and aims to offer workers a living wage.

During the corona crisis, Germany introduced a 3% VAT reduction to support the economy. Melawear has invested the freed up money in manufacturers who cooperate with the new Fairtrade Textile Standard. Workers in India have been greatly affected by the corona crisis. Because of the extra money, the local Indian partner PureCotz, can also pay the textile workers a decent wage in these difficult times.

Melawear richtte ook een nieuwe standaard op het ‘Fairtrade textiel Standaard’ samen met de partnerfabriek PureCotz in Gujarat, India. Dit label gaat verder dan het minimumloon en wilt arbeiders een leefbaar loon aanbieden.

Circulaire Economie

Melawear bases the design of its t-shirts, pullovers and blouses on the Cradle to Cradle concept. From the design Melawear thinks about the final destination of the garment. The German brand therefore designs products that are easy to recycle after use and does not use synthetic materials or mixed fibers! We like the fact that the company thinks about the life span of the materials right from the start.


Melawear gets 90% from COSH! for transparency. We know the suppliers in India, great!

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Melawear brand COSH men sneakers black rubber GOTS fairtrade cotton
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