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At Lovetrigger you’ll be in the right place for the best urban classics! This brand’s timeless clothing is for everyone and was born out of love for the world. Therefore, the clothing is made as locally as possible from organic cotton.

Lovetrigger’s Dutch designer, Maarten Lambach lives for urban style. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and first set up a small-scale collection. This is now growing into a full collection of common goods, branded goods, and creative goods. He wants to turn the merciless impact of the fashion industry on people and the environment into something positive with stylish urbanwear that proves it can be done differently. Sustainably produced and streetwise.

Lovetrigger's logo consists of four hearts for four times love: love of the world, love of people, love of sustainable materials, and love of sustainable transportation. Here’s a quick read on how that love manifests itself in the brand's clothing!


The fabrics Lovetrigger uses are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)-certified and made in Portugal and Turkey. Sometimes the cotton comes from African countries or India due to the tightness of the market, but mostly it comes from Turkey. The partly European origin and the GOTS certification guarantee healthy and correct working conditions. Moreover, this short chain saves a lot of CO2 emissions!

In the clothing workshops in the Netherlands, Lovetrigger works with newly Dutch people. They work as garment makers and receive fair wages to build a prosperous future. Thanks to the craftsmanship of these refugees, high quality garments are made on Dutch soil that last. Their expertise and love for the trade is reflected in the collections. Global style requires global talent.


All garments are made from organic cotton and that cotton is always GOTS certified, so you can be sure that no pesticides were used to grow the cotton plants and that the fabric is free of harmful chemicals. Want to know more about the benefits of organic cotton? Read more here.

For several garments including sweaters and t-shirts, the cotton is mixed with 5% elastane to promote comfort. Elastane is a stretchy and synthetic material made from polyurethane. The addition of elastane makes the clothing non-biodegradable. It also makes it more difficult to recycle than clothing made of 100% cotton, yet the fabric is recyclable because a percentage of 5% elastane allows for mechanical recycling.

In jackets or coats, you will find recycled PET bottles in the lining. COSH! is happy that the number of products is limited to those where it is necessary for functionality and that they choose a recycled variant of polyester for this. Because jackets do not need to be washed often, the products barely release microplastics into nature.

In terms of packaging, Lovetrigger uses recycled or at least recyclable materials of paper or cardboard. Lovetrigger does not want to contribute to the plastic soup!

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is also well taken care of at Lovetrigger, no animal materials such as wool or leather can be found in the clothing collections. Only the beanies are made of merino wool. Furthermore, the brand is 100% vegan.

Circulaire economie

Lovetrigger is increasingly committed to recycling and looks for high-quality recycled fabrics for its collections, especially recycled cotton. They want to avoid recycled PET because washing clothes made of this material releases microplastics into the ocean. The urban brand's tags and yarns are already made of recycled materials.

In addition, Lovetrigger itself wants to actively contribute to the recycling of old clothing. To this end, they are setting up a deposit system. If you return your old Lovetrigger clothing, the brand will offer you a discount on your next purchase. A promising circular solution!

Short Chain

Because the fabrics come from Europe and the final production takes place in the Netherlands, Lovetrigger has a short chain!

To transport the materials, Lovetrigger always chooses the cleanest route, without heavy diesel, planes, and ships. Your Lovetrigger order will be delivered to your home by bicycle if possible.

Slow fashion

Lovetrigger started with t-shirts, polos, hoodies, and sweaters and is now working towards a full-fledged collection that also includes jackets and pants. Everything is produced sustainably to last, both in quality and style. In addition, Lovetrigger does not participate in sale periods.

The clothing is unisex and therefore can be worn by anyone. Some items like the polo shirts are more tailored to the male body though.


Lovetrigger disclosed their purchasing locations and manufacturing locations to COSH!, their website does not list them to customers. If you do want to know about the origin and composition of any of the products, Lovetrigger says you can send an email and they will let you know the path that product took because they have complete insight into the origin of their products.

Are you looking for an ecological and cool outfit that is ethically produced? At Lovetrigger you will find sustainable urban clothing!

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