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LAÜD Recycled is a brand of shoes made with vegan, recycled and coffee fabrics, and manufactured in Elche (Spain), in an ethical and sustainable way.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, so Oneida Román, the founder of LAÜD Recycled, decided she wanted to do her bit to make fashion sustainable, ethical, timeless and long-lasting. Her manufacturing process consists of using the minimum amount of directly extracted materials, developing a sneaker with the maximum percentage of sustainable or recycled materials.


Irene Brotons is the designer of LAÜD Recycled and partner in crime of Oneida, founder of LAÜD Recycled. Together they have seen the textile recycling process, visited factories, contacted suppliers and prototyped, to finally achieve the result of the LAÜD Recycled trainers.

Behind them, there is a great team of local suppliers and factories.

LAÜD Recycled collections are born under ethical and sustainable values. They are manufactured in Elche, in small family factories, which for years have given and give work to many families. In addition, their main factory, where they carry out the pattern making, cutting, assembly and packaging work, has the SMETA audit, Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report, one of the most widely used social audits in the world, which evaluates a factory according to the standards of its organisation in terms of work, health and safety, environment and business ethics, to ensure good conditions.

In addition, each of its products is handmade. An artisanal process that is aided by technological development.


LAÜD Recycled was founded in September 2019 and consolidated in 2021. During the 16 months that the process of creating and manufacturing their sustainable shoes lasted, they tested different recycled materials that met the quality they were looking for.

Finally, they decided to opt for recycled materials made from recycled plastic bottles, which they combined with a sole made of 50% recycled eva rubber and coffee. On their saw-style soles, you can see the coffee specks of organic material that have been included to reduce the percentage of rubber used.

The insoles of their slippers are removable, and are made with industrial waste from mattresses, pillows and industrial waste, and covered with a vegan antibacterial fabric that guarantees the protection of our feet against fungi and bacteria.

They also have very careful details, such as the ribbons they have used, which are made from recycled cotton. In addition, the straps they have used in the heel area is the remains of the samples they were working with during the creation process.


The circularity of waste is one of the fundamental pillars on which the brand is founded.

They use coffee grounds in the soles of their shoes to reduce the use of virgin materials, and transform textile waste into high quality recycled fibres, closing the fashion circle.

With a pair of LAÜD Recycled shoes you are recycling or reusing: 22 plastic bottles (used for the fabrics), 3 coffee capsules (used for the creation of the sole), 0,78 gr of recycled eva rubber(used for the creation of the soles), 0,52 gr of mattresses and pillows (used to create the removable insoles) and 0,45 gr of recycled cotton (used to create ribbons and laces).

In addition, they are members of goCircular Radar, TheCircularLab's map of circular companies, which certifies that LAÜD Recycled relies on the development of the circular economy to manufacture its products.

Circular economy is the identity of this brand that seeks to achieve the circularity of its products!

Short chain

Promoting local employment in the area is one of the objectives of the founder of LAÜD Recycled. Therefore, it works with factories and workshops of the traditional shoe industry in the area of Elche (Spain).

The direct contact with the external factories and workers ensures that they can manage the entire production chain and maintain direct contact with the employees.

In addition, working with local factories allows them to produce collections that reduce their carbon footprint. Compared to conventional, non-sustainable footwear, their footprint is reduced by 40%.

Animal welfare

LAÜD Recycled shoes are 100% vegan and have the Vegan certification from INESCOP, which certifies that the materials do not contain elements of animal origin.

Slow Fashion & Longevity

LAÜD Recycled shoes have a timeless style and are made from quality recycled materials for comfort and durability.

Trainers that are designed for everyday wear and will help you reduce your footprint on this planet!


LAÜD Recycled is a very transparent brand! The COSH! sustainability team was able to talk to the founder of the brand and they assure us that LAÜD Recycled is a very transparent brand.

They have very good product traceability, i.e. they have provided us with information about where they make their products, the names of their suppliers and they have even shown us their certificates and very detailed information. In addition, they publicly disclose detailed information about the real cost of their shoes in the "Transparency'' section of their website.

Are you looking for comfortable and sustainable slippers for your everyday life? LAÜD Recycled is the perfect choice! Sustainable slippers made in Spain from plastic bottles, mattress waste and coffee capsules.

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