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Cruelty-free jeans

A piece of clothing that almost every person has hanging in his or her closet is jeans. But what many people don't know is that denim is one of the most polluting products in the fashion industry. Manufacturers use 8000 liters to make one pair of jeans. The cotton from ordinary jeans is usually not fair trade, organic or GOTS-certified. This means that the working conditions on the plantations have not been checked and are therefore bad in many cases. For example, many cotton farmers have to work for a pittance and are exposed to hazardous chemicals during the production process.

When the Dutch NGO, Solidaridad, visited a few of these plantations in Peru, they were shocked. At that moment, the organization decided to change that. Solidaridad started collaborations with local cotton plantations and switched them to organic production, where the workers worked for a fair wage.
A year later, the NGO noticed that there was no market for organic cotton at the time and decided to set up its own brand, thus creating the Kuyichi jeans brand. Now there is already a market for sustainable clothing and the future looks promising, but there is certainly still work to be done!

Eco jeans

The Kuyichi denim is 100% organic with a blend of recycled polyester and elastane for stretchability. Other materials the brand uses are tencel and linen. You can read about how the compositions evolve over the years in the Sustainability Report that Kuyichi puts on the site every year. In this report you can read everything you need to know about the sustainability of the brand.

It also tells you about Kuyichi's approach to transport. The production from fibre to fabric, to garment, takes place locally, but finishes such as buttons and details are still done in faraway countries. Kuyichi is willing to work on this and even strives to produce 100% locally in the future. While all local transport is done by truck, it still has to be done by boat from faraway countries, such as Pakistan. The brand calls itself also slow fashion. This is because the jeans are made for a long wearing period. Kuyichi wants to put everything on everything and therefore also goes for the highest quality fabrics.

Ethical jeans

Kuyichi does not place the production of the materials and garments in the hands of any random producer. The brand searches for factories that meet their requirements and are willing to follow Kuyichi's Code of Conduct. And with this jeans brand, we can always count on 100% transparency, because all producers Kuyichi cooperates with are listed on the site.

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