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KUMI is a brand of trainers with the aim of being something different from the other options that existed in the market. Its founders are Alexandra and Sergio, an international couple who decided to start their own project that fits their lifestyle and values:

1. Respect and love for animals: They started by collaborating with FAADA and the Barcelona Animal Protection Society.

2. Sustainable fashion industry: Using vegan, sustainable and recycled materials with the aim of sustainable and quality fashion.

3. Supporting the local economy: Reducing the impact of CO2 and creating links with national companies.


For Alexandra and Sergio, the creators of KUMI, the relationship with their suppliers is more than a simple exchange. They are their collaborators and consider it essential to have a close relationship based on transparency, personal contact and trust, because without them they would not be able to realise their projects.

That is why their sneakers manufacturer is local, based in Elche (Spain), so they can ensure a close relationship and adequate working conditions.

On the other hand, for their clothing collection they also work with a local workshop in Mallorca, where they do the printing and embroidery of their sweatshirts and bags. These garments have the Fair Wear certificate, which guarantees that the garments have been made in a factory that complies with human and labour rights.


At KUMI they work hard to find materials with high quality standards and low environmental impact in order to create a durable and sustainable product.

They use organic and recycled materials, the top parts of their trainers are made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles and biopolymers, obtained from non-food and GMO-free corn crops.

On the other hand, its clothing collection is made from organic or recycled cotton and recycled polyester.

Thanks to a life cycle analysis, they know that the manufacture of these materials produces a lower environmental impact compared to standard processes and fights climate change, the impact of global warming and the depletion of natural resources.


KUMI manufactures sustainable shoes and clothing from sustainable materials. But most of its products are made from a mix of different materials, such as organic materials (organic cotton or corn) with recycled plastics, making it difficult to recycle the products after use.

However, KUMI consciously designs to achieve zero waste in the manufacture of its products and makes efforts to raise awareness among its customers to extend the life span of the products.

Short chain

KUMI is a brand that supports the local economy!

At KUMI they want to help their environment in a local and direct way. Therefore, for their clothing collection, they work with a local workshop in Mallorca, where the founders of KUMI live, and for their trainers, they work with a workshop of the traditional shoe industry in the area of Elche (Spain).

Animal welfare

KUMI is a vegan brand! All its materials are free of animal products.

One of the pillars of the brand is to help achieve a society where the rights of animals are respected so that they can have a dignified life, free of exploitation, mistreatment and experimentation.

For this reason, they collaborate with the Fundación para el Asesoramiento y Acción en Defensa de los Animales (FAADA) so that they can continue with their mission to achieve a society where coexistence between all living beings is based on respect, and they also collaborate with La Lliga per a la Protecció d'Animals i Plantes de Barcelona, a sanctuary that takes in abandoned, homeless and/or mistreated animals until they find the perfect family to spend the rest of their lives with.

They also have the "PETA-Approved Vegan" certificate, which accredits them as a vegan brand.

Slow fashion & longevity

At KUMI they are aware that more and more clothes are being produced and consumed, generating high levels of pollution and at very competitive prices as a result of the precariousness of labour.

Therefore, committed to changing this situation, they work on demand, producing small quantities of stock, quality clothing and footwear, for greater comfort and durability.


They are a transparent brand!

The COSH! sustainability team was able to talk to the founders of the brand and they assure us that KUMI is a very transparent brand.

They provided us with information about where they make their products, the names of their suppliers and even showed us some certificates.

KUMI is a vegan clothing and trainers brand for adventurers who care about the planet!