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Christian and Paula are the founders of Kainua, and together, they want to (re)shape the planet through conscious fashion. Through Kainua, they create beautiful, timeless, versatile and lovingly made garments. Garments that you can combine with the rest of your clothes, and that you can wear year after year, without having to renew your wardrobe every season. Kainua garments are basics, with a special touch.

When you buy a Kainua garment, you are buying with love and not on impulse. And that is the most beautiful thing, that you will take care of it as much as you love it. A brand committed to the dignified work of the people who make each piece for you.


Kainua is a brand that cares about the people who make its clothes. They are based in Zurich (Switzerland), 95% of their collections are manufactured in Spain and 5% in India.

All the workshops where they make their garments comply with all health and safety measures. These production facilities are certified according to local and international standards. In the case of the Indian workshop, it has the recognised SEDEX certification, an ethical and social audit widely used for risk control in the supply chain, which evaluates compliance with social responsibility principles in all the organisation's processes.

It also aims to contribute to the social development of textile workers and to the improvement of the environment. Therefore, all people involved in the production chain are protected by labour and human rights. They are treated with respect and receive adequate remuneration.

Finally, they are assisted by Cristina Gavilán from @Verdedegreen, Kainua's production manager, a professional with extensive training in fashion, and is involved in all the brand's production processes, and Diana Millon, the pattern designer, who designs all Kainua's patterns from her workshop in Mataró (Barcelona).


Their collections are made from sustainable fabrics and materials, such as organic cotton, linen, sustainable viscose, bamboo, Tencel and recycled materials, such as recycled polyester.

By using fabrics such as linen, bamboo, tencel, organic cotton and Ecovero sustainable viscose, they protect the people who work in direct contact with them. They reduce the use of chemicals: from the pesticides used in the cultivation of raw materials to the highly toxic dyes that are extremely dangerous for people and the environment in the manufacturing process.

In addition, their sweatshirts and T-shirts are printed with non-toxic inks by Frama, a family business in Spain where Isaac and his brother work.


Kainua reuses every spare metre of fabric to create new pieces, for example, they create toiletry bags with the leftover fabrics from shorts, or use fabric scraps to personalise the lettering on sweatshirts and scrunchies.

Short chain

The small collection of placemats and table runners is entirely produced at Lloc de la Dona (Barcelona), a social centre that helps the integration of women in situations of exclusion. The collection is made of 100% linen.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is also important to Kainua, which is why they do not work with animal-derived materials.

Slow fashion and longevity

Kainua is a slow and timeless fashion brand, as they do not make collections every season.

They promote quality over quantity, and through the web and social networks, they promote capsule wardrobes and the combination of different Kainua garments, to help customers extend the life of their garments.


Kainua is a transparent brand with its customers. Kainua uses an App in which by scanning its QR code the customer can see where and how its garments are produced. Traceability and transparency is an essential point for the brand.

You can find the QR codes in the description of their products.

In addition, Kainua has revealed to COSH! the name of its suppliers and garment factories, and has provided some certifications.

Are you looking for beautiful, timeless and versatile garments? Then Kainua is the sustainable brand for you! At Kaina you will find basic pieces with a special touch to combine perfectly with your current wardrobe.

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