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Green, vegan and stylish

Spend your casual friday in a J-LABEL garment! This clothing brand lives for the environment and keeps everything honest and transparent.


Janneke and Judith met in 2008 in Jakarta. They discovered that besides their birthplace, they had many other things in common, such as their love of fashion and nature. In order to be able to express their similar passions, ten years later they started their clothing brand J-LABEL. With an eye for fashion trends and for Mother Nature, the two Dutch women always create beautiful, sustainable collections. Ideal for those who like to keep it light and casual.


The well-being of the planet is very important to J-LABEL. That's why the brand uses vegan, environmentally friendly materials such as Tencel, GOTS-certified organic cotton, FSC viscose or fabric residues. What is FSC viscose? This is viscose that is produced with a focus on sustainable forest management. To package the garments, J-LABEL uses biodegradable plastic, recycled plastic and cardboard. The transport still provides an ecological footprint, but they compensate by planting trees for the Trees for All project.


Janneke and Judith also like to give back to nature and humanity and they do so by working together with some charities. On their website you can see what percentage of the price of a garment goes to which charity. The production of their clothing in India takes place in cooperation with factories that are GOTS and SA 8000 certified. This means that the employees are in good working conditions and receive a fair wage.


Would you rather not see animals or people suffer for your clothes? Then buy your trendy garment at J-LABEL!

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J lab3l beige dress Janneke Honings
J lab3l red jumpsuit Janneke Honings
J lab3l red kimono Janneke Honings
J Lab3l duurzame jurk Janneke Honings
J Lab3l duurzame ourfit Janneke Honings
J lab3l green sustainable dress Janneke Honings
J Lab3l duurzame groene top Janneke Honings
J lab3l sustainable fairly produced white dress Janneke Honings
J Lab3l duurzame grote top en rok Janneke Honings