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Have you been thinking about how to say goodbye to your old, boring black Jacket but aren't sure how? If you don't know the brand Insane in the Rain yet (you may have heard the name), this brand creates unique and strikingly styled mackintoshes. These jackets will keep you seriously dry with their water column of 10,000 mm!

The rainwear is unisex and is available for both adults and children. Everything from this brand is made from recycled PET bottles. The brand experimented with this material back in 1997 and believes that together we can create the reality of a plastic-free planet.


Insane in the Rain works with caring and responsible manufacturing partners. Their main focus is to protect the environment, whilst they ensure the health and safety of the workers is a priority. COSH! cannot guarantee this is really the case. The brand is not transparent as to where their production takes place along with the working conditions. Although the brand is certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), which includes requirements for safety and working conditions, this does not offer 100% certainty, especially since they do not disclose the certificate number.


The rainwear brand uses RPET material for all its products, seams and labels included. RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Recycled PET or recycled polyester made from single-use plastic bottles. The bonus of this fiber is its long-life use, strength, reusability, and durability. By using this material, the brand aims to reduce the amount of landfill and ocean waste.

To guarantee that the RPET they use is recycled, the brand is certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This standard requires products to consist of a minimum of 50% recycled material. It also sets requirements for environmental policy and safety, working conditions, and staff training levels. Another certificate that the brand claims to have is the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate. This certification sets requirements for the use of harmful chemicals.

We at COSH! are not fans of polyester fabrics due to the release of microplastics during the wear and washing of the garments. With jackets, we look at this issue differently. Polyester can be used to make waterproof fabrics. In principle, these articles rarely need to be washed. We are also pleased that Insane the Rain has chosen recycled PET bottles instead of virgin polyester.

Animal Welfare

Since Insane in the Rain does not use materials derived from animals, such as leather or wool, the brand is, in theory, vegan. However, we are not sure what dyes and finishing agents were used for the rainwear, which could contain animal by-products.

Circular economy

Insane in the Rain is a circular brand that creates coats made from recycled materials, which can then be recycled again after use. They are made entirely of polyester. Each jacket is made from 17–23 plastic bottles. The brand hopes to spread awareness regarding the use of single-use plastic through people wearing their coats. A circular vision!

The jackets are not biodegradable as they are made of plastic. Insane the Rain claims they avoid the use of additional or new plastic even during production, shipping, and distribution.

Slow fashion

Insane in the Rain doesn't believe in short-lived trends. Their jackets are long-term and deliver designs that will not date. Therefore, before purchasing a jacket, consider a pattern you will not tire off. The jackets come with an added detail to enable the hood and waist to be adjustable. You can determine your silhouette all by yourself!

The jackets from this brand protect you from the rain thanks to the sturdy material used. All jackets have taped seams, a water column of 10,000 MM, and breathability of 800 gm/m2, all to keep you dry and not overheated!


Insane in the Rain tells its story of pioneering recycled polyester, their certifications, and their commitment to fair working conditions on the website. Yet nowhere do they disclose in which country their products are produced and what their certification numbers are. So the brand can still grow in terms of transparency, we would love to know more about where the jackets come from and who made them!

Are you looking for a good waterproof jacket? Perhaps a matching print for your partner and/or children? Why not consider checking out the Insane in the Rain collection? You'll find striking motifs, and the jackets are unisex. See the map below! Check out the COSH! website and discover where you can buy Insane in the Rain jackets!

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