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Stylish and sustainable

Still convinced of that carrot juice and wheat grass image? Let Helder Antwerp change your mind, because this brand is definitely trendy.

Helder Antwerp

Ramona Stoica founded her sustainable fashion label Helder Antwerp in 2016. The trendy clothing brand focuses mainly on creating beautiful pieces with the environment in mind.


Helder Antwerp mainly works with tencel, viscose, recycled denim and the new pinatex. This is fruit leather made from cellulose fibres from pineapple leaves. Ramona also ensures that each collection contains 2 to 3 pieces that are made from fabric remnants, such as cotton, polyester-cotton, elastane and merino wool.

Helder where?

The clothing is made either in a factory in Romania or at the designer's studio in Antwerp. For winter knitwear, Helder Antwerp works together with a Belgian knitting workshop.


Anyone who wants to remain unique and fashionable, but who still considers sustainability to be of high importance, opts for Helder Antwerp.


Helder Antwerp Cosh SS19 03 ramona stoica
Helder Antwerp Cosh SS19 04 ramona stoica
Helder Antwerp Cosh SS19 01 ramona stoica
Helder Antwerp Cosh SS19 06 ramona stoica
Helder Antwerp Cosh SS19 02 ramona stoica
Helder Antwerp osh SS19 05 ramona stoica

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