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The playful pair of socks

Giving your child cute shoes is already something, but giving your child funny socks to go with it is even more fun! The kids' collection of Happy Socks will put a smile on your face. And also on those of Mother Nature.

Happy Socks

For 2008, getting a pair of socks for your Christmas was a nightmare. But not after that, because Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Tell started up their Happy Socks brand. With this, they want to get rid of the idea of boring, grey socks and turn them into a cheerful accessory.

Eco en fair

Happy Socks wants to slowly make the transition to sustainable. The brand decided to start with the children's collection. This is made from organic cotton, but not 100% as they still contain small percentages of polyamide and elastane to maintain elasticity. Happy Socks has the socks produced in Turkey. This factory is BCSI and OekoTex certified. The company thus complies with the Happy Socks Code of Conduct, which also includes other rules, such as no child labour, no poor working conditions, no extreme working hours, no slavery, no discrimination, a fair living wage and union freedom.

Red socks with blue dots or socks with animals? You'll find them at Happy Socks. Discover the organic cotton children's collection in the shops below.

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