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Swiss cosmetics brand Farfalla Essentials makes natural and certified cosmetics and aromatherapy products. This pioneering company made their first creams based on organic ingredients 30 years ago, they were the first in Switzerland to do so. Farfalla has a penchant for natural oils and aromatherapy, which also translates into the anti-aging products, shampoos, body lotions, cleansing milk and perfumes. Thanks to the natural ingredients and healing oils, Farfalla allows you to take good care of your physical, as well as mental health, without burdening the environment.


Farfalla opts for pure ingredients. All products are NATRUE certified, which guarantees you that at least 70% of the ingredients come from organic farming. Did you know that in more than half of the Farfalle products, the proportion of organic ingredients is even more than 95%? This means that there are no harmful substances in your natural shampoo, aftersun, body lotion or cleanser, wonderful!

The NATRUE label also guarantees you that no microplastics, no synthetic dyes & no GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are present in your serums, creams and lotions.

In addition, the Swiss brand uses various healing plants and flowers including orange blossom that revitalizes the skin. The organic shea butter protects the skin from toxins such as free radicals and combats skin aging. Farfalla also makes natural perfumes for women and eau de colognes for men.


The cultivation of the organic ingredients for use in the perfumes and creams takes place in Zurich and in the Jura. The production has remained in-house for over 30 years, and since 2019 now belongs to the second generation. A local family business, in other words. The remaining products are purchased fair trade from 40 different countries where the brand only cooperates with small cooperatives or buys directly from farmers. So you always know which producer or farmer is behind your beauty product.

The natural cosmetics brand also wants to make sure that farmers and producers can work and live in fair working conditions. Therefore, the brand will pre-finance the farmers and set up purchase guarantees, this way the farmers are sure of their income. Farfalla is also committed to charity. With your Farfalla perfume or face cream, you are contributing to the training of midwives in Europe and Africa. In this way, the brand hopes to give newborn babies a healthy start in life. Through proper instruction to midwives, infant mortality rates can be significantly reduced.

Animal Welfare

The NATRUE label that the products carry guarantees you that no animal testing has taken place. The logo of Farfalle is a butterfly that symbolizes your eternal health, the restorative power of the home, but also the power of nature. The cosmetics brand uses medicinal plants and flowers and also considers it important to treat animals with respect.

Circular Economy

Farfalla uses recyclable packaging whenever possible. All the paper is FSC certified, which means it comes from sustainable logging. If plastic is needed, the brand uses recycled plastic. Did you know that all empty packaging may also be returned to points of sale for further recycling? This way the brand tries to contribute to a circular economy, something we can only encourage!


Because Farfalla has a close relationship with their raw material suppliers, farmers and manufacturers, the sustainable brand is particularly aware of where their products come from. This allows them to communicate clearly and transparently to their customers. The close relationships and long-term collaborations, make this brand even more sustainable.

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