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Inspired by Oxfam’s campaign ‘Make poverty history’, Fair Squared started making care products. Fair Square’s goal is to reduce inequality in world trade. This means that the raw materials used by the brand are all fair trade. For example, the olive oil used in the hand cream comes from Palestine, Shea butter from Ghana in their perfume-free Shea deodorant cream and cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic in their massage oil. Even their hairbands and handkerchiefs are made from fair and organic Indian cotton. Their natural body scrubs, shaving oil, soaps, face masks and hand creams are all certified by Fairtrade.

In 2010, the first Fair Squared products were sold in England but the company has since moved its production and headquarters to Germany. In the meantime, the cooperation has extended to over 15 trading partners.

Honest care products, body scrubs, soaps, face masks, hand creams, condoms and menstrual cups. All organic and vegan!

Fair condoms and menstrual cups

Fair Squared sells fair trade and environmentally-friendly condoms. Their production is even completely CO2-neutral! The fair trade rubber they have chosen is also used for their Fair Squared menstrual cups, the world’s first sustainable and biodegradable menstrual cup. The raw rubber comes from suppliers in India and Sri Lanka who are certified by Fair Rubber and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Natural and animal-friendly products

All of the brand’s products use natural and plant-based ingredients. Fair Squared is certified by the English Vegan Society and by PETA as Cruelty-Free. So when you buy from Fair Squared, you know that your products don’t contain animal ingredients and that they haven’t been tested on animals. Fair Squared also take great care in upholding fair and safe conditions throughout their whole supply chain so even the process of ingredient extraction is guaranteed when you buy from them.

Zero waste

Fair Squared operate on a closed-loop system to reduce their production of waste. Their products come in glass containers which they ask you to return back to them when you’ve finished it: easily done as you can just return them to the retailer where you bought the product, or you can send it in the post! If you send them in the post, you have to return a minimum of 10 pieces so they give you a 10€ voucher off your next purchase. Fair Squared can re-use them to sell new care products, oils and soaps.

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