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This German eco brand has been bringing affordable casual clothing with a humanitarian touch to the market for several years now. By buying their clothes you not only support the planet, but also the women in India.


At EYD, the planet gets as much attention as its inhabitant. That's why the brand produces with ecological materials such as lyocell and organic cotton. In order to prevent overstock, EYD works with a possibility to pre-order. This way it can know exactly how many clothes have to be produced and the price is also much lower in the end for both the producer and the consumer.


EYD has the collections made in a factory in Mumbai. A lot of Indian women who were rescued from the sex industry work there. The workplace is part of the Indian organization CHAIIM. It supports people who have been victims of human trafficking. EYD makes simple designs with not too much complexity, which makes it easier for the seamstresses.


A circular model has not yet been developed by the brand. But most of the garments are made of mono material, which does encourage the recycling process.

COSH! loves the humanitarian values of EYD. Niki even plans to visit the factory on her next visit to India!

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