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From down-under

Make-up and skin are that nourish your skin and feed it. This is the unique starting point of the Australian cosmetics label Ere Perez. Which is the philosophy of this label? Simple products are made of powerful botanic ingredients that transform your skin, nourish it and stimulate overall health.


Every makeup product has a ‘star’-ingredient that contributes to hydration, protection and recovery of the skin. How does Natural Almond Mascara, Arnica Concealer, Quinoa water foundation of Jojoba Eye Pencil sound in your ears? jWe find it all great. Our eyebags can use some recovering amica. The make up is fit for every skin type and skin colour!

The skincare products contain nourishing botanic, Australian ingredients that create a perfect shine. This way you will shine in no time!

The label has a nail polish collection, made for 80% of vegan products. The nail polish is 10-free. This means that they do not contain the 10 most damaging substances. The clear basic and top coat formulas are sustainable and further nail growth. They are chip-resistent and are for daily use. This way, we can continue longer with the same pot. Worthwhile to try!

What does the Yuka app say?

Yuka, the mobile app that scans products and analyses the impact on your health, already screened some of the Ere Perez products. Check out the results below:

Natural Almond Mascara: 79/100; Arnica Concealer: 90/100; Quinoa water foundation: 80/100. But not all Ere Perez products are on Yuka. The opponent, the Clean Beauty app mentions that Ere Perez has a controversial product in amica concealer and Jojoba pencil: the mineral Titanium. This is biodegradable, but carcinogenic if it is inhaled or taken in. Clean Beauty is an app that controls controversial products, allergenes and toxic substances.

Animal friendly?

All care products, nail polish, brushes and cosmetics are vegan, with the exception of mascara that contains beeswax. The brand does not do animaltesting and was suggested by PETA and by ‘Choose Cruelty Free Australia’.

Fair, Circulair, CO2-neutraal?

Diverse packages mention Made in Italy, Made in France, Made in Mexico or Made in China. There is little additional information about the working conditions or the sustainable policy of these factories.

Wherever possible, the brand uses glass bottles for lip tints, foundation... Ere Perez says the plastic lids can also be recycled and the cardboard packaging, of course.

If we track the Australian carbon footprint offsetting programme, NOCO2, this brand only takes into account the internal processing, the waste by products of the basis product and the flights of its staff. The flights for shipping the products over the entire world are taken into account. This cannot give us a total image.

In summary

There is a lot to tell about Ere Perez, as the label pays attention to many elements to be progressive. Here and there some information is missing for us. COSH! Is fan of the brand and we have also tested it!

Curious what the Australian nature can mean for your skin? If you say YES, then try these botanic skin care products and the natural make-up and nailpolish of Ere Perez!

Where to buy Ere Perez?


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Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot zero waste cosmetics
Ere Perez green booster serum