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Elena de Frutos' atelier is a space dedicated to sustainable haute couture for Brides, Guests, Parties and Events. This business, dedicated to fashion design, has 28 years of experience in the bridal sector, and is part of The Circular Project, a pioneering project in the world of sustainable fashion.

Elena de Frutos is a fashion designer from Madrid, although she prefers to define herself as a dressmaker. In the style of the great masters of couture, the dressmaker masters the art of designing the garment, the pattern-making process and its manufacture. This is where Elena displays her talent. She designs exclusive garments, created especially for each person, made with an excellent pattern making and a quality tailoring that takes care of all the details.


The garments are made from start to finish in her own workshop located in Madrid, with great attention to detail, almost in an artisanal way, which makes it unique and unrepeatable. Although, some of the embroidery is contracted out to another workshop from time to time.

In her workshop they create designs especially for each person, since Elena de Frutos sees the dress as an architecture of the body. From the knowledge of the body structure, they build the shapes that best suit each person.


They are unique, timeless garments, made especially for each person in a handmade way, with the best certified organic fabrics, generally silk grown non-violently in India, bought from German suppliers, or triacetate grown in Japan, bought locally from a supplier in Barcelona.

She also uses cotton to test the patterns of the garments, however, we do not have enough information to ensure that the cotton she uses for testing has any guarantee or certificate of sustainability.


Elena is also a promoter of circularity in garments: do you want to wear a dress belonging to a relative for your wedding? Thanks to Elena you can transform an antique garment and give it a new life!

Short chain

Elena de Frutos is a local brand from Madrid, and does not plan to travel outside Spain. She wants to stay close to the customer, so when Elena de Frutos is designing, she likes to put herself in the shoes of the person she is creating for, find out what they really need and build it to measure.

She doesn't want her brand to become a big production brand. Elena de Frutos wants to maintain its essence; haute couture designs made with great care in Spain, created exclusively for each person.

Animal welfare

The brand uses non-violently cultivated silk. This allows the silkworm to transition through metamorphosis into a butterfly, so that no animal has to suffer or die for the sake of fashion.

Occasionally it also uses wool from the Netherlands, but it is an ethical wool that ensures that the farms use the best practices in the treatment of the animals and their feed.

Slow Fashion & Longevity

It is a brand of slow fashion, the creations are made with great care, with excellent pattern making and quality manufacturing that takes care of every detail to the maximum.

They create unique, timeless garments, made especially for each person in a handmade way, with the best materials carefully selected.


Elena de Frutos is very transparent about her working methods and choice of materials, something we at COSH! admire very much. The only information we would like to know more about is the names of all her fabric suppliers.

Do you want a unique garment with sustainable materials? Atelier Elena de Frutos is the place where your imagination becomes reality. Exclusive creations for your important moments!

Visit their online shop or make an appointment to visit the atelier.

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