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ecocandle is the place to go for handmade candles! This small business in Bruges, run by An Dumon, makes the right candle for every occasion and respects the planet in the process. The candles for events are eco-friendly and completely adapted to your wishes… Think wedding candles, baptism candles, communion candles, mourning candles, and more. You could also get business gifts. ecocandle also offers workshops for adults, birthday parties and children’s camps for the creatives amongst us.


ecocandle follow a cradle to cradle strategy meaning waste serves as raw material for new products which means they have less of an impact on the environment. Most of their candles are made from old candles but you can always check this on the label. Candle leftovers are sorted through so all the impurities can be removed. To improve the quality of the old candle wax, it is sometimes combined with a mix of paraffin and stearin. ecocandle also have a selection of candles made to order from rapeseed and soy wax.

The jars used to house the new candles are generally glass, ceramic or tin and gifted or sourced from a local thrift store. Everything really gets a second life at ecocandle! If you have a nice bowl, you can bring it in and they will fill it with the candle wax of your choice. Top tip: if you bring an old candle with you then you will get a voucher for future purchases (80 cents off per kilo).


Would you like to make your own candles?

The workshops are tailored to your needs and amount of attendants and budget. You can also choose from a fixed package, a short course for adults, and special birthday party workshops. A fun activity for every occasion if you ask us!

Children's camps

Children are always happiest when they can go to camp during the holidays. ecocandle organises children’s camps in Bruges along the themes of low waste living and obviously making candles. Educational and creative!

In short

ecocandle is a sustainable business because the reuse of materials is central to their entire process. From old candle wax to old candle jars, everything is given a second life. Book a workshop or get a unique candle made!

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