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Finally! A skincare brand founded by men. Doers of London was founded in 2018, by entrepreneurs who wanted high quality skincare products to work as hard as they do themselves. Their opinion is that premium price tags don’t always match high quality, and natural products don’t always perform well. That’s why they started this brand, they wanted to make premium products from natural ingredients at a price you can maintain. The rest is history! At Doers of London you can find skincare and haircare products, according to the brand: “Giving you the confidence and the time to focus on what’s truly important.”

The brand produces in small batches and is constantly looking to improve their formulation, production, and distribution while minimising their impact on the environment. They want to maximise recyclability and minimise waste at every stage of production. It’s great to see Doers of London wants to become the best version of itself!


In terms of ethical production and sourcing, Doers of London doesn’t communicate much openly. Their product packaging says the products are developed in the UK and produced in Italy. Which would kind of mean that the working conditions are ok, because the production falls under European rules and regulations. But because the brand doesn’t give any further information about the production sites, we can’t say that for sure. Doers of London also doesn't go into where the ingredients for their products are sourced, so we also don’t know what working conditions in this stage of production are like. At COSH!, we would like to know more about this.


Doers of London only uses natural and organic materials, although they aren’t certified by any certification label for natural cosmetics, so we can’t be 100% sure of this. The brand states to only use natural ingredients with traceable origins, green biotechnology and green chemistry in their formulations. Which of course sounds amazing and promising, but we still don’t know if this is a 100% true because they don’t have standards they need to meet in order to get a certificate. Because the skincare and haircare products are made in Europe, the brand does have to meet chemical standards of the European Union.

All products are dermatologically tested and nickel tested. Every batch is tested to contain a percentage of nickel lower than 0.00001%, this is amazing because many people are allergic or sensitive to nickel. All Doers of London formulations are free of parabens, PEGs, SLS, SLES, silicones, mineral oils, glycols, TEA, DEA, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colours.

You can expect an amazing smell taking over the bathroom if you’re using Doers of London products thanks to botanical extracts used in their formulations, such as bergamot, cucumber and lemon.

Animal welfare

Doers of London cares about the animals. All of their products are approved as cruelty free according to the Leaping Bunny Program and approved as vegan by the Vegan Society. Which is great, because there are a lot of animal ingredients you wouldn’t expect to find in your skincare, at this brand you can be sure the products are actually free from animal derived substances.

Circular economy

The brand is committed to reduce their waste, especially by cutting down on plastic. Usually only their caps or pumps are made of virgin plastic. The tubes and bottles their products come in, are made of recycled PET plastic, glass or aluminium. These materials are recyclable after use as well. They minimise secondary packaging when possible and if not possible, they use FSC certified paper, so the wood used for this paper comes from sustainably managed forests. Less is more!

Slow fashion

Is there a moment in history where we didn’t want to have smooth and healthy skin and hair? I don’t think so. That’s why Doers of London can definitely be seen as a slow fashion or slow cosmetics brand. Even their packaging is designed in the classic black and white! Besides, their ingredients are natural, and for slow cosmetics, that’s always a good thing.

Short supply chain

All products of Doers of London are developed in the UK and made in Italy. Thus, the supply chain is relatively short. Unfortunately it’s uncertain where the ingredients used for their products are sourced, these could come from all over the world and in that case, of course, this brand would have a long supply chain.


In terms of ingredients, Doers of London is pretty transparent. Their products carry detailed ingredient lists and on their website you can click on each ingredient to find out more and get to know what function the ingredients have.

But when it comes to ethical transparency, Doers of London can certainly do better. Apart from the country of production (Italy), we don't know anything about the origin of the ingredients, whether there are any other production sites and what the working conditions are like. We would like to see more transparency in this brand! Especially since their production takes place in Europe.

So have you always wanted new, reliable, animal friendly and natural products to perfectionate your skincare or haircare routine? Then Doers of London is calling for you! From facial cleanser, to moisturizer, to hydrating scrubs, to shaving cream, you can find them in stores near you indicated on the COSH! map below.

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