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Coq en Pâte is a brand committed to building a better future for our children. They make fun and sustainable gender-neutral clothing for kids. They are committed to helping save endangered species which they do by supporting various projects. The designs on the clothing are drawn by artists who share their vision.


Coq en Pâte wants to change the fashion industry. Their clothes and kid’s backpacks are unisex and ethically made in India from organic GOTS-certified cotton. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world’s leading standard for organic fibres. Why choose organic cotton? Organic cotton is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Not only is this better for the planet but it’s also healthier for your children’s skin.

Coq en Pâte also have a range of unique toys made entirely in Brittany (France) from an innovative environmentally-friendly material: Algoblend® which is 50% plastic and 50% brown seaweed collected on the West coast of France.

The notebooks, cards and their range of letters are all made in France from FSC-certified recycled paper. This Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate is a guarantee that the wood has been sustainably extracted.

Ethical production

Coq en Pâte’s clothing and accessories are made in India and the toys are made in France. They carefully select their suppliers based on the expertise they offer as well as the working conditions they offer all of their workers. For this reason, Coq en Pâte works exclusively with SA8000-, Sedex- or GOTS-certified factories. These social certificates guarantee fair and safe working conditions.

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Saving endangered species

Coq en Pâte prints mainly include endangered animals. They support NGOs, scientists and associations active in the field of nature conservation worldwide. Since 2014, Coq en Pâte has already raised 58 400€ for Save Our Species, a branch of the IUCN (the largest nature conservation organisation in the world), raised 18 300€ for wildlife conservation projects and supported 12 other biodiversity projects.

Coq en Pâte also wants to educate children about the loss of biodiversity through their designs. They want to highlight to kids all the great things nature provides us with, such as fresh water, food and clean air. That is why Coq en Pâte supports educational programmes tailored to the very youngest generations.



All their clothing is gender-neutral and made from a mono-material: organic cotton with the exception of the zip. This means their clothes are easy to recycle!


Coq en Pâte is transparent about their materials’ countries of origin. By only working with SA8000-, Sedex- or GOTS-certified factories, their supply chain working conditions are very transparent as well. We are however curious about the specific suppliers for their stitching and materials. Who exactly are they? We will find out for you.

Coq en Pâte makes fun sustainable children’s clothing for boys and girls! By buying a Coq en Pâte product, you’re also helping protect the animals in the wild. It’s a no brainer!

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