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Basic can also be stylish, and don’t they know it at Colorful Standard! Clothing in all the colours of the rainbow, and all organic too! At Colorful Standard, they like to keep it simple. This Danish brand sells sustainable basics, including t-shirts, beanies and jumpers in various colours.


Colorful Standard's factory is located in Portugal. Good working conditions are imposed there thanks to European labour law. Workers therefore receive fair wages and working conditions are safe. If you are still curious about how things work there, Colorful Standard is happy to show you around the factory. You can find the address on the site. Yes! Completely transparent!

Colorful Standard has also got its own charity. The brand founded a football team in the Dominican Republic: FC Masi Manimba. The aim was to create a centre where children could come and play football for free. Today, more than 400 children are already registered with FC Masi Manimba. The football team's own jerseys are, of course, made by the brand itself.


Most of their clothes are 100% organic cotton. Growing organic cotton requires much less irrigation water than conventional cotton. The use of chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides is also banned. This makes it a more eco-friendly material.

Some of their collections, such as the beanies, socks and scarves, are made from 100% recycled merino wool, another sustainable material.

Recently, Colorful Standard has also added swimming shorts to their range. These are made from recycled polyamide combined with 'new' polyamide to enhance their quality. Although polyamide (even partially recycled) is not very sustainable, it is necessary for swimwear as there are few alternatives to synthetic materials.

To further reduce their impact on the environment, Colorful Standard uses safe dyes. All the dyes and colorants used by the brand are OEKO-Tex certified. This ensures they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Colorful Standard can therefore deliver vibrant but safe colours.


Colorful Standard's clothing is all mono material! We are big fans of this because clothes that are 100% wool or 100% cotton are easily sorted and recyclable. These materials are also biodegradable, avoiding waste. The brand is also circular as they use recycled merino wool. This reuses material instead of throwing it away.

Short chain

Colorful Standard works with a Portuguese producer to produce their entire collection. The distance the garment travels after production is therefore limited.

Unfortunately, little information is known about the origin of the materials. As a result, we only have a limited picture of the supply chain.

Animal welfare

Colorful Standard is an animal-friendly brand. They only use recycled merino wool. Reusing the wool avoids the need for new wool and ensures Colorful Standard's clothes do not cause direct animal suffering.


As the name suggests, the Colorful Standard collection is very colourful. The clothes are, nevertheless, timeless. This is because of their simple, basic designs. These are then released in different, plain colours each time. So you can buy the design in the colour that suits you! No busy prints or cringy texts. The brand makes sure your purchase is timeless and will go with any outfit. This, and the quality materials, ensure the clothes long (and colourful) lives!


Colorful Standard is very transparent about their producer. Unfortunately, there is less information about the origin of the materials.

Are you looking for sustainable basics? Do you like colour in your wardrobe? Then you've come to the right place at Colorful Standard! Discover where you can shop this brand on the map below.


Como su nombre indica, la colección Colorful Standard es muy colorida. Sin embargo, las prendas son atemporales. Esto se debe a sus diseños sencillos y básicos. Además, cada vez se lanzan en diferentes colores únicos. Así que puedes comprar el diseño en el color que te convenga. Nada de estampados recargados ni de textos chillones. La marca se asegura de que tu compra sea atemporal y que combine con cualquier ropa. ¡Esto, y la calidad de los materiales, garantizan una larga (y colorida) vida a las prendas!


Colorful Standard es muy transparente sobre sus productores. Por desgracia, hay menos información sobre el origen de los materiales.

¿Buscas productos básicos sostenibles? ¿Te gusta el color en tu armario? ¡Entonces has llegado al lugar correcto en Colorful Standard! Descubre dónde puedes comprar esta marca en el siguiente mapa.

Where to buy Colorful Standard?


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Colorful standard COSH SS22
Colorful standard COSH SS22 man sweaters