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Cent Pur Cent was founded by top makeup artist, beauty guru and entrepreneur Caroline Rigo. Caroline wants to make all women shine with her make-up products. The result is an accessible make-up brand that exudes luxury and is suitable for sensitive skin types

Caroline started 16 years ago as a make-up artist in the make-up world. She often got people with sensitive skin in her make-up chair, including people with cancer. Many complained that they could not tolerate any brand of makeup. Caroline Rigo did extensive research and came up with the solution: the luxurious make-up brand Cent Pur Cent. Beautiful hypoallergenic make-up, suitable for all women.

Cent Pur Cent is a beautiful gift for women fighting cancer. Chemo treatments can dry out your skin, making it very thin. Cent Pur Cent therefore specially adapts its products. Especially for ladies who lose their hair and eyebrows, make-up can offer a solution. If you don't feel good about yourself, some make-up can often do wonders, including psychologically.

Do you have darker skin? Then you can buy the numbers 5 and 6 in their range at Cent Pur Cent. Cent Pur Cent has the ambition to focus more on inclusivity in the future and to offer even more make-up products for darker skin types.

Natural ingredients

Cent Pur Cent works with loose powders from mainly natural ingredients. This Belgian make-up brand works with 4 main natural ingredients. The residual products also consist of more than 85% natural ingredients. The eyeshadow, mascara, eye pencil and bronzer are easy to apply, without sacrificing quality. A plus: the eye pencils themselves are made entirely of wood and are ecocert certified.

Caroline incorporated natural minerals such as zinc, titanium, iron and mica into her accessible make-up products. These minerals give a boost to your skin. For example, zinc and iron prevent skin aging and thus ensure rejuvenation of the skin.

Mica gives a pearly shine to the make-up products and feels light on your skin. However, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding child labor around the extraction of Mica. Unfortunately, finding a replacement for mica is difficult.


The mineral make-up products are made in Northern Italy with ingredients from all over the world. Caroline herself goes to Northern Italy 3 to 4 times a year and is closely involved in the production process.

Animal friendly

Caroline Rigo has a big heart for animals. The brand does not give a 'vegan' or 'cruelty free' certificate, but the factories do have a certificate that proves that the products have not been tested on animals. You will find 'approved by Peppa' on your products. Peppa is Cent Pur Cent's mascot who guarantees that animal welfare has been taken into account. Cent Pur Cent set up their own animal welfare certificate with Peppa, something that COSH! is sceptical about. The only real certificate that can guarantee your animal welfare is from the non-profit organization Peta (and not Peppa).

Circular Economy

Thanks to the refillable system with the Cent Pur Cent eyeshadows, you can put together different color combinations according to your own taste. You can refill your products at certain points of sale. The rest of the range still contains a lot of plastic packaging.

But Cent Pur Cent is committed to protecting the environment on a daily basis. Cent Pur Cent also tries to limit its transport as much as possible. To avoid unnecessary movements, the orders are well bundled.

Cent pur Cent is available at pharmacies and in a selection of sustainable shops. Discover the points of sale below.

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