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Totally bold

Unique hats and handbags made by the hands of the mother-daughter duo Wies and Els. With their brand, Award/t, they create one by one original designs for the contemporary woman and man.


Twenty years ago, Els Van Den Berghen and her mother Wies Dehert started their label Award/t. Starting out as hatters, they later added designing handbags to their portfolio. Today, the brand is known all over Flanders. Award/t are handmade hats, handbags and scarves, designed and produced in Belgium. This brand also proudly carries the Handmade In Belgium label. Since 2018, the brand launched a basic collection. Timeless and practical bags for all days and all seasons, don't they look fantastic?

Quality leather

Award/t handbags are available in different types of leather. For example, cow leather from Belgium, Italian calf leather, and Fish leather from Atlantic Leather such as salmon. They also experiment with vegan alternatives like Pinatex.

Handmade in Belgium

All custom made pieces and orders were made in the workshop in Mechelen by Wies and Els himself. The basic collections and iconic Award/t pieces are made in a studio in Brussels. The production takes place entirely in Belgium and is therefore subject to European labour legislation.


Is it for a hat, a statement handbag or a shopper? Award/t has it all!

Where to buy Award/t?


Cosh SS20 RV A Wardt 001
Cosh SS20 awardt SOL 3026
Cosh SS20 RV A Wardt 003
Cosh SS20 RV A Wardt 008
Cosh SS20 RV A Wardt 017