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German brand Anekdot makes circular lingerie and swimwear, made in Europe. Nostalgia and comfort combined and adapted to modern living.


Anekdot is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. For production, they collaborate with two small family-run companies in Poland. These manufacturers are flexible and willing to work with many different types of textiles and produce smaller runs. Due to the short distance between the manufacturers and Anekdot itself, the brand has a close relationship with the manufacturers. They thus have more control over production and this also reduces the amount of CO2 emissions released by transport.

Manufacturers also have to comply with strict European labour regulations and legislation. This allows us to assume that the clothes are made in good social conditions, a safe working environment and with fair wages.


A large part of the Anekdot collection is made from waste materials. These fabrics come from production leftovers and deadstock from other companies. By using waste materials, the products are all limited editions, making the clothes even more unique.

The other materials used in the Anekdot collection are always recycled. Econyl is a synthetic material made from 100% recycled nylon, from fishing nets that used to pollute our seas. In addition, Anekdot also uses B.recycled, which is recycled polyamide that uses less water and energy during production. Finally, the brand also uses Roica EF yarn, which is recycled elastane that is worked into fabrics to make them stretchy.

Anekdot's packaging is also good for the planet. The products are all packed in recycled paper and compostable packaging. These are CO2-negative, biodegradable and contain no plastic (not even the tape!).


Anekdot is a circular lingerie brand. Their collections are partly made from deadstock materials and production waste. This prevents these fabrics from ending up in landfill. These textiles are surplus stock from manufacturers, production mistakes or from closed factories, so they are fabric that has never been used or worn. Anekdot only selects high-quality materials to guarantee the quality of its products. This way of working also means that the collections are limited, which makes your purchase unique!

Anekdot also strives to make their production zero-waste. When they cannot use a material, they donate it to local art or textile projects. Production leftovers that are too small to make anything with are used in accessories, patchwork or as cushion stuffing.

Short chain

All of the materials come from Europe and production also takes place in Europe. This ensures a short chain for all Anekdot products. Design takes place in Germany and production in Poland. Materials are selected from manufacturers in England, Germany and other European countries. The Econyl, B.Recycled and Roica manufacturers are located in Italy.

Animal welfare

Most of their clothes are vegan and thus free of animal materials. But because Anekdot uses production waste and deadstock materials, they have less influence on the composition of these fabrics. Some of the animal materials, for example silk, that are used in Anekdot lingerie have thus been upcycled and would have otherwise have ended up in landfill. In this way, Anekdot does use materials of animal origin, but they do not come directly from the animal.

Slow Fashion & Longevity

Anekdot's lingerie and swimwear are not tied to seasons or fleeting fashion trends. The brand wants to fight the current norms of overproduction and overconsumption. The designs are feminine and elegant, with a touch of nostalgia.

Anekdot uses high-quality materials and the products are always made with care. This way, the brand wants to guarantee your purchase a long life. They also provide washing and care instructions to ensure the product stays beautiful for longer.


Anekdot does well when it comes to transparency. On their website, you can find information about the materials each product is made of and in which country it was produced.

Looking for circular swimwear? Or would you like to treat yourself to a beautiful, sustainable lingerie set? Then check out Anekdot's collections! Find where you can buy this brand on the map below.

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