When thinking about Aalst, the first thing that comes to mind is probably carnaval. But did you know that Aalst has so much more to offer? There are also plenty of sustainable shops for example. From local and social gift shops to sustainable streetwear to zero-waste shops, Aalst has it all! Are you planning a shopping trip to Aalst? Then make sure to visit these 4 hotspots!

Discover local and sustainable presents and decoration

1. Fonetik

Are you searching for a present for your friend? Do not look further, because you will for sure find something at Fonetik. This concept store sells gifts, unique decorations and original accessories. The concept is very clear: Fonetik offers original and sustainable products. An example of this is the ethical, ecological and circular period-proof underwear of Miokoo. In short, the products of Fonetik make the world more sustainable, piece by piece.

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Is it someone’s birthday soon or do you want to treat yourself? Make sure to visit Fonetik! Small disclaimer: you will probably fall in love once you enter the store.

Sustainable skater boy-vibes streetwear

2. Freedom

Do you also like to scream the lyrics of Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne? Completely immerse yourself in this chill millennial vibe in Freedom. This shop with skate shop allure offers streetwear for men and women. You can find both casual and outdoor clothes, and of course they are always sustainable.

Are you also curious about their assortment? Then make sure to visit Freedom!

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Go completely packaging-free in this zero-waste supermarket


Are you looking for a place in Aalst where you can do environmentally conscious and zero waste shopping? Then you are at the right place at OHNE in Aalst. You can find a broad assortment of organic food like nuts and seeds, meat-substitutes and dairy products, but also natural cosmetics and household products.

Shop at OHNE!

For their assortment of biological fruit and vegetables they work mainly with local farmers, which makes the store even more sustainable. Bring your box, glass jar, bottle and/or bag and fill them with the products of their store.

Do you want to help reduce waste? Shop at OHNE's packaging-free store and eat sustainable food!

Find the best products for your skin and mother nature

4. Clothilde

Do you also think there is nothing better than taking a moment of me-time and treating yourself? Your skin deserves as much love as mother nature and they know this at Clothilde, where they offer natural care products. You can find make-up, mouth-,hair-,and hand care products, deodorant, accessories, perfume and food supplements.

Shop at Clothilde!

You can find everything you need in your daily life or during your me-time there. Are you sold? Then make sure to visit Clothilde. The owner Chloé will be happy to help you with your search for a product that meets your needs.

Would you like to get to know the brands even better? Then sign up for one of the workshops. You are guaranteed to learn a lot and have a fun and enjoyable evening. As you can see, shopping at Clothilde brings nothing but benefits: a healthier skin and body without straining our nature!

5. B.L.O.S Kids

Going shopping with your kids at B.L.O.S is a real experience. They can play and really be children! Manager Ine consciously chose to create an atmospheric place where both parents and children enjoy shopping. They also have a nice webshop where you can discover the collection. The collection consists of second-hand clothes, accessories, shoes and toys.

Shop at B.L.O.S kids!

6. STAT Aalst

In this cosy shop in the centre of Aalst, you'll find beautiful vintage furniture, fun retro interior decoration or vintage art. Something for everyone! You have come to the right place if you are looking for a timeless piece that adds a quirky touch to your interior. You will find both genuine designer items and pieces by unknown designers. Their love is mainly for the period from the 1930s onwards.

Shop at STAT Aalst!

7. miokoo

Did you know that 3 million disposable pads end up in landfills every day in Belgium? Hygiene products are essential but, at the same time, unfortunately create a gigantic waste dump! Fortunately, there are power women like Kathleen. She offers a solution to this problem with miokoo! Thanks to miokoo menstrual underwear, you can do without disposable panty liners or pads! It's super easy: put on your absorbent menstrual slip in the morning and feel comfortable for the rest of the day!

Shop at miokoo!

8. Kringwinkel Stroom Vrijheidsstraat and Tragel

These are two of Kringwinkel Stroom's second-hand shops.Almost daily, the collection is replenished with fun second-hand items so regular browsing is the message. You can also donate items yourself! Kringwinkel Stroom not only helps reduce waste, it also has a social mission. They employ many people who are distanced from the labour market.

Shop at Kringwinkel Stroom!

9. De Kilomeet Aalst

At De Kilomeet Aalst you can find second-hand clothes, shoes, books, small furniture and more at very low prices. Items that are not sold immediately in other second-hand shops are given a second chance here. The collection is replenished daily.

Shop at Kringwinkel Stroom!

10. De Fietserij

You can always go to the Fietserij to have a maintenance or defect repaired. They also rent out all kinds of bikes. Looking for a unique, custom-made bike? They will also work on this at the Fietserij, reusing materials as much as possible.

Shop at Fietserij!

Do you want to discover more shops in your area? Then make sure to check our shopping guide!

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