Insiders have known for a long time, for you it might be new(s): Belgian Fashion is mainly made, directed, drawn, innovated and led by women. Feeling magazine spoke to (almost) all of them.

Feeling Chef-Fashion Els Keymeulen: "When you hear the term 'Belgian fashion', you first think of Dries Van Noten, Martin Margiela, Raf Simons. And rightly so, because those designers put Belgium on the international fashion map and are still doing so. But what is often forgotten is that the clothes that many Belgian women wear every day, to work, at the gym, in restaurants, are also Belgian fashionable. A lot less highbrow, but at least as relevant. Which makes it even more special: Most of your Belgian wardrobe is designed by women - a great bonus, and the perfect complement for a thorough overview. The 'wearable' side of Belgian fashion: by women, for women.

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