A warm wool sweater is great for getting through the cold winter months. But did you know that the temperature-regulating properties of wool can keep you just as fresh in the summer? So it seems like an ideal material to have in your closet.

Unfortunately, not every wool garment is equally good for the planet and animal welfare. Not only the environment and animals, but farmers also suffer from unsustainable farming practices. Small wool farmers and communities often struggle, so here we highlight some brands that support local wool farmers:

Good Wool Story

Looking for undyed, wool accessories? Do you like timeless and natural designs? Then discover Good Wool Story's collection. The brand works closely with nomadic communities in Mongolia to produce their collection. The yak down is hand processed into classic wool products.

In doing so, Good Wool Story puts their focus on the empowerment of local people and aims to help preserve traditional craft techniques and knowledge.

The Good Wool Story store in Ghent is definitely worth a visit!

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Inti Knitwear

Inti Knitwear's hand-knit sweaters and scarves are made in Ecuador. At first glance, this may not seem local relative to Europe, but Inti works with pastoralist communities who spin and knit wool locally into beautiful sweaters. The sweaters are made from the soft wool of alpacas that live in the Ecuadorian high mountains. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic because it contains less lanolin, the wool is very soft and also has good insulating properties.

You can discover Inti Knitwear's collection at Tally-Ho and BrandMission in Amsterdam.

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Alpaca Loca

As the name suggests, you will also find wonderfully soft sweaters made of alpaca wool at Alpaca Loca. The wool comes from the Andes Mountains in Peru and Ecuador. Through the collaboration Alpaca Loca has with small, local communities, the brand supports the economic growth of the region.

In addition, the brand helps alleviate poverty among alpaca herders. Alpaca Loca has established, personal relationships with these communities, many of which rely on

artisan production.

Discover Alpaca Loca's soft products in BrandMission stores. You can also find the collection at mAke Hasselt, SOFlien, HOST, Up To Do Good, The Maker Store, Het Faire Oosten, Harvest Club and Tally-Ho.

Discover Alpaca Loca at BrandMission

Aiayu makes sustainable clothing, bedding and blankets from cashmere and yak wool. The cashmere comes from small nomadic goat herders. It is then processed by hand using traditional techniques. The yak wool comes from nomadic Mongolian shepherds. Thanks to a Swiss cooperative that Aiayu works with, the shepherds receive a stable and fair income.

Discover Aiayu's sustainable collection at the Duka Moodstore in Bruges.

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Egos Copenhagen

Looking for wonderfully warm shoes and slippers made of wool? You can find those at Egos, the Danish brand makes shoes, slippers and accessories from 100% sheep's wool. Their production takes place in Nepal, where the products are handmade using traditional methods. Egos wants to contribute to the socio-economic development of Nepal, which is why the brand has been certified by the World Fair Trade Organization since 2009.

You can discover the collection at Moose in the City in Antwerp.

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Scarves and stuff by Solange

Solange's elegant knitwear is also ethically made. The knitting yarn comes from the German family-owned company Lang. Lang has a factory in Italy, employees there receive fair wages and work in safe and good conditions.

The origin of the wool is fully traceable. Solange's scarves, hats and sweaters are made with wool sourced from farmers in Peru, Scandinavia and England.

You can admire Scarves and Stuff by Solange at the VITA conceptstore in Turnhout, HOST in Antwerp and the Harvest Club and Ma Reine Et Moi in Leuven. Would you rather rent one of the designs? Discover the collection at Dressr!


The Swedish brand Norgäte also supports family farms in Peru. The Norgäte collection is handmade in Peru, with production taking place in Arequipa, Cusco and Lima. Norgäte supports Peruvian shepherds and artisans, helping to improve socioeconomic conditions in the country.

Discover the Norgäte collection and other ethical brands at Khipu in Amsterdam.

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