Boee, are you spooked? It's time to get spooky again, because Halloween is coming. You are probably looking for a costume for yourself or your kids. We would like to give you some tips to turn items you have around the house into a spooky costume. After all, it is expensive to buy a new costume every year and then only put it on once. Making your own costume saves you money and you reuse materials that would otherwise end up in the bin.

Do you know the meaning of Halloween?

Halloween is on 31 October because in the Celtic calendar, the new year began on 1 November. The meaning of Halloween is that we say goodbye to the past and look forward to the future.

Are you afraid of spiders?

If the answer is "no" then you should definitely go for the spider costume. It is a simple costume to make, all you need is black clothes and toilet rolls. First paint the rolls black and let them dry. When they are dry you can glue five rolls together, repeat this eight times. Attach the legs to a rectangular piece of cardboard with glue. The last step is to attach strings to the rectangle. This way you can carry the legs like a backpack. For the finishing touch, you can draw cobwebs on your kids' faces.

Are you an angel or a devil?

For the little devils among us, we also have a simple costume in store. Make the coolest devil horns with a diadem and red felt. Wear red or black clothes with a boa for an extra fun costume. You can also make a devil's tail with cardboard.

Angels can also make their own costume. You can make wings out of cardboard from an old box. Cut them out of cardboard, paint them white and hang feathers and glitter on them. Choose white clothes to complete your look!

Muhahahahah, watch out a witch!

No witch hat in your collection yet? No problem. Cut out a circle with a hole in the middle and a cone from an old box. Attach these together and tadaa a witch's hat. Paint it with black paint and stick little stars on it. You can cut fringes from the bottom of a black dress for a real witch's look. Take a broom from your closet and you are ready to fly!

Boeee, a ghost!

If you want to dress up as a ghost, you can reuse an old white sheet. Cut out holes for the mouth, eyes and hands. It can be that simple!

Packaging-free trick or treaten

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Hopefully, you have found a creepy costume for yourself or your kids. Now you're ready to trick or treat!