Comment tout a commencé....

Qui est Niki de Schryver ?

Salut !

Je suis Niki de Schryver, la fondatrice de COSH !

Diplômée en technologie de la mode, je suis incroyablement motivée à apporter des changements dans l'industrie de la mode. Saviez-vous que la mode est l'une des industries les plus polluantes au monde ? C'est l'heure du changement !

Et je sais de quoi je parle. Parce que mes 12 ans d'expérience en tant que directeur de production et consultant stratégique pour des marques de mode ainsi que mes 7 ans d'expérience dans le commerce électronique multicanal et la vente au rétail sont deux bases très solides pour construire COSH !

Animé par la passion de la transparence et de l'honnêteté

More and more companies are adopting the transparent business model. The latest being G-star and the new H&M retail chain Arket that applying the same business strategy.

With my work for HonestBy I can say that I have helped to make an impact on the entire fashion industry. Because of this, many fashion brands were stimulated to become more transparent about their production steps. After warming up the fashion brands for the making their supply chain transparent, a second impactful step such as 'COSH' is needed to put more rewarding pressure on the industry: Consumers must, through their purchasing behaviour, increase the demand and as such the supply of sustainable fashion.

COSH reminds a shopper of his own wish to opt for sustainable clothing and thus to improve the overall purchasing behaviour and have a positive impact on consumer behavior.

Progressing the fashion industry from within


With relevant experience both in retail, e-commerce, marketing and supply chain, I have seen first hand how much brands and several retailers struggle to make ends meet. I consult and actively help starting brands on how to transparently and correctly display information in order to get correct rankings on websites such as Rank a Brand.

Further more in 5 x 2 hour coaching sessions, I am able to advise and guide SME's in much more sustainable production methods and direct them to new sustainable suppliers and build long lasting relationships. For larger retailers with complex supply chains we are partnering with a sustainable procurement specialist.