You are looking for sustainable clothing.
But that is not always an easy quest. That' s what we discovered as well.
So which brands are sustainable? And - more importantly - what do they consider to be sustainable? Is it about clothing that has been produced ecologically, based on environmentally friendly raw materials? Or does the brand also take into account working conditions, the circular economy and the impact of transport costs?

As of now, conscious shopping will become easier. Because at COSH! connoisseurs of sustainable fashion joined forces. Thanks to our expertise, you will find what you are looking for more quickly.

Meet the COSH team! Ready to help the transition to a more sustainable world!

Meet our purpose driven team, ready to COSH things up!

Sustainable fashion business developer

Niki de Schryver

Niki de Schryver, Bachelor Fashion Technology and founder of COSH! is incredibly driven to bring change in the highly polluting fashion industry.
With 14 years of experience as a production manager and strategic consultant for fashion brands and 8 years of omnichannel e-commerce experience on the other hand, she has two very powerful foundations to build COSH!

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Founder COSH! - CEO


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Sustainability Researcher


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