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Textile designer Lucila Kenny makes unique hand-dyed scarves in her Natural Dyeing Studio in Amsterdam West. She collects rainwater for painting, from which 80 percent is reused for the next dye bath. This way she keeps the 'water footprint' as small as possible!

Lucila collaborates with other natural dyeing experts on inspiring studies such as the Painting Plants research project, which focusses on “How to make paint or ink from plants, and how to make them usable for different printing techniques”.

Lucila regularly explores urban nature in search of new color pigments. And with more than 400,000 trees, Amsterdam is a perfect place to hunt for color. She not only harvests from trees but uses all kinds of residues from nature. In her outstanding color palette you will find textiles that are dyed with nature from West. From finely chopped elms growing on the Stadhouderskade, plants from the Westerpark, plant waste from municipal gardeners or from the green areas next to the highway.

For more information about workshops, you can reach her by email ([email protected]) and Instagram:

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