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How designer Romy prefers to describe her sustainable fashion label Logocomo? As a 'Dopamine Dressing'. Her designs are very colorful and outspoken: these clothes instantly make you happy. Logocomo encourages you to be yourself and to wear what you want. The clothing is intended for everyone, which is why all styles are unisex.

For her collections, Romy mostly uses unique, sustainable materials such as waste fabrics and second-hand clothing. She recently collaborated with the Kledingbank in Rotterdam where she upcycled 'old' garments into new clothing. For example, she transformed a pile of old ties into cool tracksuits! All items are made locally in Amsterdam by Romy herself or her team.

Do you want to shine in a unique and outspoken piece of Logocomo? You can view her entire collection online. Would you rather see the clothes in real life? Then make an appointment to visit her atelier in Amsterdam-west.

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Ethically Made in Europe
Ethically or handmade by artisans
Vegan part of the collection is vegan
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Short Supply Chain Made in The Netherlands
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Transparancy 100%: textile suppliers and manufacturers are listed on productlevel

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Logocomo 2022 pink top women
Logocomo 2022 printed bodysuit
Logocomo 2022 tie suit
Logocomo 2022 printed outfit
Logocomo 2022 colorfull shirt
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