This agreement involves the COSH! platform (CoCreate Good Life BV), Unigift BV and the businesses that register via the Google form.

Article 1: Objective

The COSH! Conscious Shopping Gift Card is launching to stimulate small businesses with an environmentally-friendly and sustainable selection. The COSH! Conscious Shopping Gift Card works via a digital gift card system to keep the workload for retailers to a minimum. A gift card is an excellent way to introduce new customers to your shop.

Article 2: General

These regulations regulate the rights and obligations of COSH!, the participating retailer and Unigift. Unigift provides the technical basis and support for the digital gift card system.

Article 3: Conditions of participation

3.1 The following companies can take part in the COSH! Gift Card:

- Companies that are members of COSH! through their COSH! membership, and are thus screened annually on 7 sustainability categories.

3.2 Each entrepreneur is free to choose whether or not to participate. Those who decide to participate must complete the participation form in full and agree to these regulations. The participation form is available at or can be requested via email at [email protected]

3.3 Every participating retailer is required to accept all valid COSH! Gift Cards offered by a customer. Participating companies also agree to make their participation know through the means of a display sticker made available to them. Their details may also be published as part of promotional campaigns for the COSH! Conscious Shopping Gift Card.

3.4 The COSH! Gift Card may only be accepted by retailers who comply with the participation conditions, have completed the participation form and, upon receipt, have logged into their Code Kassa account to cash the COSH! Gift Card. The Code Kassa register allows retailers to check whether a gift card is valid. Participating retailers will receive a manual by e-mail.

3.5 Each voucher contains a unique code. Upon receipt of the gift card, this code can easily be verified (via the Code Kassa register). This automatically results in the payment of the money (minus 8% operating costs excluding VAT) to the account of the concerned retailer.

3.6 The participating entrepreneur agrees to immediately notify COSH! in writing of any changes to his or her business at [email protected] (such as changes of address or account number, takeover, termination,...).

3.7 Each participating retailer is free to unsubscribe from the COSH! Gift Card, subject to one month's notice via email to [email protected]

3.8 COSH! and Unigift may exclude a participating retailer with immediate effect without entitlement to compensation:

- in the event of a failure to comply with these regulations,

- in the event of forgery, fraud,

- termination or bankruptcy without informing COSH.

Article 4: COSH! Gift Card purchases

4.1 Every COSH! Gift Card carries a unique code consisting of 16 digits and a QR code, both of which are fraud-proof according to Unigift's digital gift card system.

4.2 The COSH! Gift Card can be:

- purchased at a point of sale as a gift card with a gift envelope.

-purchased online via the COSH! website subject to immediate payment of a chosen amount upwards of €10.00. The COSH! Gift Card is then immediately available as a pdf or can be forwarded by email.

- ordered online by a company as a gift card with gift envelope in a desired value from €10.00 and subject to payment by invoice. The Gift Card can be personalised (e.g. with a company logo) for orders of minimum €1000. The gift card cannot be personalised if it’s ordered by a private individual and paid immediately online. An additional cost of € 3.00 will be charged for postage. Shipment is carried out by a bespoke company.

4.3 The COSH! Gift Card is valid for one year from the date of issue.

Article 5: COSH! Gift Card as a means of payment

5.1 The COSH! Gift Card can only be accepted as a means of payment by participating retailers meeting the conditions outlined above.

5.2 Participating retailers can always be checked on The COSH! Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash.

5.3 The COSH! Gift Card can be partially redeemed.

Article 6: Devaluation of the COSH! Gift Card by the participating retailer

6.1 The participating retailer should validate the COSH! Gift Card immediately in the presence of the customer via the Code Kassa register, otherwise they run the risk of not being refunded for the value of the gift card.

6.2 A COSH! Gift Card that is invalid may not be accepted as a means of payment. The retailer will inform the customer of this immediately. The retailer can check the validity via the Code Kassa register.

6.3 Participating retailers should rely on the Code Kassa expiry date for each COSH! Gift Card and not the date stamped or handwritten on it. The expiry date can also be consulted on

6.4 Customers with an invalid COSH! Gift Card can contact Unigift BV via [email protected] if they have any further questions.

Article 7: Payment of COSH! Gift Card to participating retailers

7.1 Only valid COSH! Gift Cards entitle you to a refund of the transaction. If the amount of the COSH! Gift Card (or part of it) has already been paid out to another participating retailer, then your transaction cannot be refunded if there are insufficient funds on the card. Unigift will provide the necessary proof to this effect.

7.2 COSH! Gift Cards create an automatic payment request and generate a refund for the value of the transaction within 5 working days via bank transfer to the account of participating retailers.

Article 8: Liability

8.1 COSH! and Unigift are under no circumstances liable for (in)direct damage due to temporary defects or interruptions or due to delays in meeting their obligations, such as a later delivery due to circumstances beyond their control (such as a strike).

8.2 COSH! and Unigift can at no time be held liable for forgery or fraud with COSH! Gift Cards. Unigift agrees to stop forgery or fraud attempts as soon as they are discovered. Where appropriate, COSH! and Unigift may unilaterally suspend the operation of the gift card system without any right to compensation with a view to securing the aforementioned system. Participating retailers will be informed of this without delay.

8.3 If a participating retailer suspects forgery or fraud of a COSH! Gift Card, they will immediately inform COSH! and/or Unigift.