Rana Plaza Factory Bangladesh

1134 people died at the factory collapse

Clothes are our second skin. After all, with the clothes we wear, we show who we are. They are an extension of our identity.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. And one of the most inhumane.

So what does it say about us when we wear clothes that were made in awful circumstances, for which protected forests had to be destroyed or animals killed? Indeed.

Many great brands communicate transparently about their fair production methods, others make efforts behind the scenes. Some larger retailers have more sustainable product lines, others are merely greenwashing and juggling terms like recycling and organic.

So how, as a customer, do you find your way and differentiate between all the information?

How do you know which brands are sustainable? And how do you find the stores where you can buy those ethical and ecological clothes?

COSH! is conscious shopping made easy

When you read something in a magazine or discover something on TV during a documentary about unethical practices, the scarcity of water or river and soil pollution by the fashion industry, you become aware of the pollution and inhumane working conditions.

You want to contribute to a more beautiful world and you want to change your behaviour. But don't know where to start. COSH! can help you in your search and guide you to a more sustainable choice within your style and budget.

And how does COSH! work?

Select your personal preferences

1. COSH! collects information about sustainable clothing brands.

2. You select what you are looking for, within what budget and your sustainability preferences. Vegan? Fair Trade? Local? Socks or a pair of jeans? You can find it all!

3. Tadaaa: COSH! gives you a handy overview of the brands and their stores that sell the clothes you are looking for. And if you click on a brand, you can read all about the ethical and ecological efforts of that brand on that page. It's great, isn't it?

4. As on the overview as per brand, you can display a map, where these nice sustainable brands can be found in your style and budget.

What is Cosh?

5. On the map you can add a retailer to your shopping trip. Or you can first click through to read all about the boutique and then add it to your shopping route.

6. Finished with your pre-selection (on your body / budget / size / style), you can click on the button at the top right (still off) to see your personalized shopping route. Easy to print at home or view on your smartphone.

Oh, there's more: If you pass by a sustainable retailer by chance, you will recognize them by the COSH! window sticker. You scan a QR code and at a glance you can see the sustainability factors of the brands present in that store!

Start easy concious shopping

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