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If your me-time means bending down in a Downward Dog or getting under a warm blanket, then you'll be most comfortable in a By Julz garment. The Antwerp Yoga teacher and freelance marketer at Ecover, Julie De Laet brought her love for fashion and yoga together and started her brand in 2016. Since 2019, Julie has been taking a sustainable approach and is making her clothes in a way that makes COSH! happy.

Eco & ethical Julz

Julie's ecological lifestyle prompted her to switch the yoga clothing line to an eco fire that is in line with her values. Together with COSH! founder, Niki, she looked in spring 2019 at how she can make her production as sustainable as possible while retaining the identity of the existing brand. The autumn/winter collection 2019 is an immense step forward! Local portuguese production and new materials with far-reaching transparency!

Gentle Yoga wear for those cozy me-time moments where yoga is relaxing, or if you want to stay comfortable at home. Yoga by Julz is known for its extremely soft materials that immediately relax you. To preserve the ultimate soft character of the brand, the brand switched its oversized tops to blends of Lenzing viscose with minimal elastane. The viscose is traceable at the suppliers and made from wood pulp that is ground in the Czech Republic and processed into yarn in Austria. The sweaters and soft armour consist of a combination of Turkish cotton and Portuguese lyocell.

Performance Sportswear for Spicy Yoga from econyl. This is recycled polyamide with elastane, mainly upcycled from old fishing nets fished out of the sea, among other things. The fabrics in By Julz's performance collection carry the Global Recycling Standard certificate, but they also score high on quality and have excellent UV light colour fastness. All fabrics also have the necessary OekoTex certificate.


Both collections are stitched in a GOTS-certified factory in Portugal. In addition to the European legislation, the By Julz production is also additionally assured of the right working conditions.


By Julz works with recycled polyamide for part of her collection. The entire collection is considered to be slow fashion. No sales on timeless products and all collections run smoothly in terms of color use. So you can combine infinitely and if a top or pants need replacing, you can always find a new item that matches your other pieces. Julz will continue to look for mono material textiles for the next collections.


Yoga clothing that fits comfortably, is durable and is completely on trend? You can find it at Yoga By Julz!

Images by Leentje Loves Light

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