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Wanda T-shirt is a T-shirt brand that has been manufacturing and marketing cotton T-shirt collections for men in a sustainable way since 1999.

Its promoter, Gerard Coma, is committed to a minimalist aesthetic, seeking, through design and creativity, an emotional connection with the customer. From the very first day, he opted for ethical and local manufacturing, thus following the textile tradition in plain knitwear in the Maresme area (Barcelona).


Wanda T-shirts are entirely manufactured in the Maresme area (Barcelona) following and favouring the textile tradition of the area. In addition, by having local suppliers, Wanda T-shirt regularly visits the factory where the garments are made, thus ensuring good working conditions.

Made in Barcelona is the essence of the brand, they like to have an identity, a starting point from which to reach all corners of the world with responsibility.


Wanda T-Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, which guarantees the organic status of the fabrics, from the harvesting of raw materials to labelling and environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.

In addition, they use sustainable dyeing processes in all their products, so that Wanda T-Shirts have minimal environmental pollution and do not pose any health hazards.

Ageing processes such as sand washing are done in a physical-mechanical way, not in a chemical way, which implies a higher production cost, but a substantial improvement in the quality of waste water and residues as they are recyclable and biodegradable.


Wanda T-shirt garments are entirely mono-material. We are a big fan of this because clothing that is 100% cotton is easily sortable and recyclable.

Short chain

At Wanda T-shirt they are in favour of local products, respecting labour rights and complying with European environmental regulations in the manufacturing process. That is why their production chain is short.

All their T-shirts are entirely manufactured in the Maresme area (Barcelona), thus following and favouring the textile tradition of the area.

Animal welfare

As no animal-derived materials are used during the production of Wanda T-shirts, no animal has to suffer. Therefore, all of the brand's garments are completely vegan!

Slow Fashion & Longevity

Wanda T-shirt is a slow fashion brand. They produce on demand and leave only a small percentage printed in stock. Some of the garments are left unprinted and are printed as orders come in, thus avoiding overproduction!

In addition, all garments are subjected to an anti-pilling treatment to prevent pilling, thus achieving greater durability and quality in the T-shirts.


Wanda T-shirt explains and shows some images of the production process of their garments on their website.

In addition, COSH! is aware of all certificates, and the process of the production chain and suppliers that the brand has. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that Wanda T-shirt is a transparent brand.

Looking for quality and sustainable t-shirts? At Wanda T-shirt you'll find 100% organic cotton garments with timeless designs, to wear them in your day-to-day life. And made locally and ethically! Made in Barcelona.