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Veja's sustainable sneakers have become a staple for many people. That's not surprising because the sneaker really fits with everything. But did you know that the sustainable brand now also makes running shoes?

An ecological running shoe is still hard to find. In fact, 99% of running shoes are made of plastic, 99% of which is petroleum (oil). Both are not renewable materials that cause damage to people and the environment. It took Veja four years of research to develop the first ecological running shoe, but the results are impressive. The Condor is Veja's first step into the world of sports.


The sustainable running shoe consists of a total of 53% natural and recycled materials. For example, the vegetable castor oil is used for the characteristic 'V' on the side of the shoe. The outsole of the shoe consists of 30% wild rubber, 31% recycled rubber and 39% synthetic rubber. Half (45%) of the middle sole is made from natural materials including banana oil, sugar cane and rice hull, a waste product from the food industry. The other half (55%) of the middle sole is made of soft plastic E.V.A (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) which has the same qualities as rubber. Compared to other plastics, it is more resistant to heat, cold and UV radiation, and E.V.A is produced without the addition of harmful chemicals, such as BPA, Chlorine or Phthalate;.

The insole also contains 56% from E.VA. Other than that, the insole is made from 8% recycled E.V.A, 12% wild rubber, 12% recycled plastic bottles and 12% jute. For the fabric at the top, Veja uses the innovative material Alveomesh, which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.


The shoe contains a lot of circular materials, but unfortunately the combination of different materials in this shoe makes it barely recyclable after use. We hope they last a very long time!

Through a combination of innovative techniques, fabrics and combinations, Veja has managed to successfully launch their very first running shoe. Veja has found the perfect balance between using sustainable materials and optimizing your running performance. The shape of the shoe is inspired by the bone structure of the South American bird the condor, hence the name. The shoe has a biomimetic design, flexibility and lightness suitable for running.


Like the Veja sneakers, the running shoe is made in Brazil in good working conditions. Curious how? Take a look here.

Curious to buy the very first ecological running shoe of Veja? Check out the points of sale on the map below.

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