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Shirts, shirts, shirts

If you like minimalism, you're sure to love Veerle Wils, too. Simple and quality shirts and dresses with an environmentally friendly label.

Nice to meet you, Veerle Wils

The fashion designer has been making custom-made blouses and shirt dresses since 2018 and is also working on small collections to sell. Every garment is timeless and a little oversized. Veerle wants everyone to be able to wear her pieces.


The concept of Veerle Wils is upcycled fashion. This means that every design is made of recycled material or fabric leftovers. The materials are not all environmentally friendly, but they do not end up on the textile waste pile. And we at COSH! like that a lot! Because Veerle only works in limited editions, there is also no chance of overstocking.


All the garments are made by Veerle Wils in her studio in Antwerp. As a customer, you can decide for yourself what your unique piece will look like. So you choose which fabric, front, back, sleeve, collar and the place and shape of the bag. You can even bring your own old fabrics and Veerle is happy to make a new garment out of it! She collects her own fabrics from local recycling shops, from attics, designer surpluses and other organisations.


A custom-made blouse or dress made in Belgium and zero waste. Yes!

Where to buy Veerle Wils?