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Eco can also be sexy

Anyone who thinks that environmentally conscious people wear boring underwear has probably never heard of Underprotection. It's quality lingerie, loungewear and swimwear made from environmentally friendly fabrics for women of all ages and sizes.

This Danish brand, founded in Copenhagen in 2010, creates underwear, lounge clothing and swimwear that is both comfortable and sexy. But the brand doesn't just do that, because it also takes the planet into account when producing its clothes.

Eco & Ethical?

How do they do that? By using sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton. The packaging when shipping and selling the clothing is either recycled or biodegradable.

Of course Underprotection cares as much about people as the brand cares about Mother Nature. That's why it only produces at certified factories, where employees work in fair working conditions and are paid a fair wage.

Feel completely feminine in Underprotection's comfortable sets.

Where to buy Underprotection?


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Underprotection cosh aw19 blue lingerie set
Underprotection cosh aw19 homewear bordeaux
Underprotection cosh aw19 black transparant lingerie set
Underprotection cosh aw19 black top lingerie set
Underprotection cosh aw19 black lingerie set
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