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The Very Good Candle Co. is a Dutch brand founded by Isil & Emre Ozbay in 2018. From their studio in Amsterdam, the brand makes artisanal scented candles, oils and hand sanitisers. The whole range is made from natural and plant-based ingredients.


All products are handmade in the atelier in Amsterdam. The terracotta candleholders and pots are made by Husk Ceramics in Utrecht.

Planet / Ingredients

The candles are made with rapeseed wax, which is a vegan alternative to beeswax. Unlike coconut or palm wax, this ingredient has the advantage that it can be grown in Europe. It is a natural, non-toxic and biodegradable material. To minimise their ecological impact, The Very Good Candle Co. chooses rapeseed wax sourced from the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The candles' other ingredients are also natural and free of parabens. To give the candles their delicious scents, the brand uses essential oils and botanical fragrances.

To offset their carbon footprint, The Very Good Candle Co. annually donates a portion of their sales to 1% for the planet. This is an organisation where companies can support environmental charities.

Circular / Packaging

To avoid packaging, the candles are poured into terracotta pots or jars made of recycled amber glass. You can reuse these afterwards as flower pots or storage jars so there is no waste.

Also in shipping orders, The Very Good Candle Co. takes care not to use unnecessary packaging materials.

Short chain

The Very Good Candle Co. is committed to keeping their supply chain as short as possible. Therefore, the brand works with rapeseed wax from European producers. These waxes are the main ingredient of the candles; the origin of the cotton wicks, oils and fragrances are not known.


The handmade candles contain no animal-derived ingredients. The Very Good Candle Co. is completely vegan and therefore definitely animal-friendly!


The Dutch brand strives to combine quality, originality and sustainability in their products. Among other things, the scented candles are inspired by founders Isil and Emre's favourite music festivals. Also, unique are the different layers in the candles. This changes the scent of the candle over time.

The Very Good Candle Co. also runs workshops to learn how to make your own candles. You can create your own scents and learn about the candle-making process.


The transparency of The Very Good Candle Co. is not equally clear in all areas. The brand provides information on the origin of the rapeseed wax and its production workshop in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, there is no information on the origin of the essential oils and fragrances the brand uses.

Discover the wonderfully scented collection of The Very Good Candle Company. The brand brings atmosphere and cosiness to your interior with their uniquely scented candles. The candles are also all-natural and vegan! Find out where you can buy the candles on this map:

Where to buy The Very Good Candle Company?


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