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Are you looking for a timeless, elegant and sustainable pair of glasses? With eyewear by Shelter Manufacture, made entirely in France, you are guaranteed to make a statement. This brand was founded in Annecy in 2013 with the goal of creating a wooden eyewear brand that is creative, French and environmentally friendly.

The eyewear is made from wood veneers from sustainable chains that meet FSC label standards. Shelter aims to promote French artisans and describes its production as a marriage of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. Moreover, the manufacture of the eyewear is done by hand.


Making glasses requires at least 90 steps including sanding wooden frames, mounting lenses, mounting hinges and finally finishing. Therefore the brand prefers quality and controlled production. The founders believe in the French know-how and have their eyewear made by French craftsmen. Thanks to strict European legislations, ethical working conditions can be guaranteed.


The materials from which the glasses are made vary from collection to collection, however some materials are recurrent. The natural wood veneer is provided by their partner Marotte, a wood company that one of the founders used to work for. Most of this veneer comes from sheets of wood that are not usable for other purposes due to their size, and have thus been saved from the burn pile!

All the wood comes from sustainably managed forests and meets the standards of the FSC label, which guarantees respect of resources for future generations. This wood has not been transformed and little energy has been consumed in its production. The brand aims to use as few resources as possible for each pair of glasses.

The metal parts are made of surgical stainless steel, a resistant and light material, and the acetate in the glasses is organic. Acetate is a material we often see in eyeglass frames. It is a material made from plant based fibers such as cotton and wood pulp. Converting the raw organic material into usable acetate requires a plasticizer, which is usually made up of fossil fuels. The fact that Shelter's eyeglass frames are made from bio-acetate means that no fossil fuels have been used, but naturally based plasticizers. This bio-acetate is 100% recyclable and 80% biodegradable. The frames are coated with 100% vegetable oil.

Circular economy

Shelter captures its carbon by partnering with EcoTree, a company that plants trees. They are partners with a French specialist in sunglasses that makes lenses out of recyclable thermoplastic. This way, Shelter chooses ecologically responsible collaborations.

The brand also has its own recycling program, you can send in your old glasses and Shelter will make sure they get a new purpose.

Slow fashion

Shelter's eyeglass frames are made with great care by artisans with the intention of making them last. This is also reflected in the frames. The frames have classic shapes but are still unique thanks to the design in different shades of wood. Wood is also a timeless material that never goes out of fashion!

When your Shelter glasses are broken, you can bring them to the optician where you bought them or email the brand. If the glasses are repairable you can have them fixed.

Short supply chain

Shelter wants to promote local French artisans and believes in the knowledge they have in the field of eyewear. This is why they choose to manufacture in France. They also want to keep the carbon footprint low by getting everything from close by and avoiding as much transportation as possible.


Shelter takes pride in its production process and it shows in the transparency. They have a map showing where the different steps in their production are carried out and they have videos per collection in which you can see how the frames are put together. On the other hand, the exact factory names are not disclosed.

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