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Aah, the seventies, the time of corduroy, earthy tones and checked shirts and dresses. Doesn’t it just want to make you go back in time? Dress your children in Repose AMS’ timeless clothes and watch them time travel. Bonus: they’ll never have looked cuter!

Founded in 2014, this Amsterdam-based brand makes clothes for babies and children aged 1 month to 14 years. By prioritising comfort, quality and colour, this brand has successfully created clothes that children can wear often and enjoy for a long time.


Unfortunately, little is known about the countries where Repose AMS produces its collections. 84% of the 2021 summer collection were ethically produced in Portugal but no information is listed for the other products. It’s therefore very difficult to correctly assess the conditions in which their clothing is produced.

The Repose AMS website does state that 70% of the collection is made from GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton. In addition to respect for the environment, the GOTS label does also ensure certain working conditions. We assume therefore that a large part of the Repose AMS collection is produced in ethical conditions.


The majority of the collection is made from organic cotton, meaning less water and pesticides were used at the growing stage. The GOTS label also guarantees that no harmful chemicals were used in production and that the product was made in good conditions.

The Repose AMS collection also uses other sustainable materials, such as Tencel made from wood pulp. Unfortunately, the brand does also offer less sustainable products, such as a dress made from a blend of polyamide and viscose.


If an item of clothing is 100% composed of natural materials such as (organic) cotton and free of harmful chemicals, then it is biodegradable. Several Repose AMS items are therefore biodegradable, and contribute to the overall circularity of the brand.

The company has also started a circular project aiming to give children's clothes a second life. Participate in 'Reloved' by bringing in old clothes - you’ll get a voucher in return and Repose AMS will resell your clothes.

Short chain

Their collection is designed in the Netherlands and some of it is produced in Portugal. Unfortunately, this is no guarantee that Repose AMS has a short chain. Due to a general lack of information about the origins of the products and materials used, it is difficult for us to assess their supply chain. For example, it is possible that their cotton is from China and their merino wool from Australia as these are the largest producing countries of these materials.


Some items in the collection are made from merino wool. They are certified by OEKO-Tex which guarantees that no harmful chemicals are present in the final product but, unfortunately, does not speak to the welfare of the animals… OEKO-Tex does not guarantee that the wool is mulesing-free.


Repose AMS is committed to quality in order to guarantee the long life of its products. Its Reloved project also ensures Repose clothes can live multiple lives with several children!

Repose AMS offers a modern version of seventies style children’s clothes resulting in shirts, dresses and more, in colourful prints, creative colour palettes and earthy tones. Their timeless designs and high quality mean their clothes will stay beautiful for a long time.


Unfortunately, the brand does not score very well on transparency, as there is little information available about the countries of origin of the materials and the locations of production.

Looking for 70s-inspired timeless kid’s clothes? Repose AMS is the right brand for you! Find out where you can shop the brand on the map below.

Where to buy Repose AMS?


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