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For the most beautiful bride - in every way

Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option, we 're #2.
In other words: walk around naked. Or choose Reformation.

We wouldn't advise you to appear naked at a wedding. That day the attention should go to the bride. If you want to shine, Reformation Bridal has the prettiest dresses and most elegant jumpsuits for you.

Are you a bride to be? And don't you have anything to wear yet? Reformation Bridal also makes beautiful (and ssssssexy) wedding dresses!


Reformation started in 2009 and is an American brand that - duh! - makes ecologically responsible clothing.

Reformation designs for real women. The designers think about how and when women will be wearing their dresses and - not unimportantly - how these garments can be recycled afterwards. Awesome!

That's why Reformation devides its clothing into five categories, based on the materials they use to make it:

- All stars: natural, rapidly renewable and reusable fibres

- Better than most: mainly recycled or natural fibres

- Could be better: better than the most used fibres, but not innovative

- Don't use unless certified: raw materials with a certificate as proof of animal welfare, organic origin or traceability.

- Eeww, never: less than 10% of the raw materials

The goal is to make 75% of all Reformation clothing with raw materials from the A and B category.

Eco: from needle to thread?

Reformation uses Tencel™ Lyocell, Tencel™ X REFIBRA™, viscose (from sustainable forestry), Tencel™ Modal, linen, recycled cotton, organic cotton, Recover® (new yarn from textile waste), Econyl® (recycled nylon), recycled cashmere, alpaca wool, vintage and deadstock (unworn vintage, old stock or fabric whose origin is unknown).

The brand communicates openly about the use of its raw materials and closely monitors its production process.

Reformation wants to reduce the use of harmful products. Way to go!

A great place to work?

Reformation's management team consists of 75% women or people from under-represented groups. Yeah!

The brand designs and produces most of its exclusive (and often limited) collections in downtown City of Angels (Los Angeles): no less than 79% of the production takes place in the USA. The rest of their clothing is made in low-wage countries, but there Reformation strives to pay workers and merchants the minimum wage.

Overall / Short

Clean and beautiful. Exclusive and luxurious. And suitable for real women who want to shine at a wedding, either as a bride or as a guest.

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