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Looking for a sustainable notebook, weekly planner or diary? At Redopapers, you'll find quality stationery made from salvaged paper. Reduce the mountain of waste and become the proud owner of a unique Redopapers product. Founders Tille and Linde are both graphic designers and create minimalist designs for their brand.


Redopapers’ production takes place in local workshops and printing houses in Belgium. Redopapers works with non-profit organisations Katrinahof, Koca and the ZNA Psychiatric Hospital Stuivenberg to offer work to socially vulnerable people. In this way, the brand is also supporting the social economy.


Redopapers uses existing materials such as paper scraps and plastic banners for all their products. By giving these a second life, the brand minimises its use of new raw materials, reducing its environmental impact.


Redopapers combats waste paper production, contributing to a circular economy. This Belgian circular brand always starts from available waste streams and designs their products from there. As waste is unpredictable, each Redopapers product is also slightly different and therefore unique.

Did you know that 72% of paper and cardboard in Europe is recycled? This statistic is certainly not bad. But paper is not infinitely recyclable. After four recycling cycles, the fibres become too weak to be reused. That is why it is important to keep paper that is still usable out of landfill as much as possible. The brand also offers reusable covers for notebooks made out of upcycled banners. These make your notebook sturdier and more beautiful.

Local production

Redopapers works locally. The raw materials come from local printers and cultural centres and production is largely done in Antwerp. Redopapers structurally collaborates with printing company Zwartopwit. They print the designs directly on scrap paper. This not only saves time, but also reduces transport. Redopapers also only ships within Europe and distributes as much as possible by bicycle or shared car. This way, they reduce their environmental footprint as much as possible.


Redopapers communicates clearly and transparently about the origin of their raw materials and the production process. This ensures you’re buying an ethical and eco-friendly product.

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