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Eco is the new black

What happens when you throw revolution and eco together? Then you get Recolution. A clothing brand that sees Mother Nature as part of our future. It makes sense, doesn't it? A lot of labels don't think so. In 2010 Robert and Jan founded Recolution with the intention to change the fashion industry. Their brand is T-shirts, trousers, sweaters, skirts, dresses ... with a very high sustainability factor.


Recolution works with the most sustainable materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton and linen.
From the spring/summer 2020 collection, the brand will also use Lyocell, EcoVero, hemp and recycled polyester. So good prospects.

In addition to the GOTS certificate, Recolution also has the PETA-approved label. This means that their products do not contain any animal material. So for vegans this is an ideal brand!


The entire collections are produced within Europe in countries such as Turkey, Portugal, Germany, and Lithuania. These are all GOTS-certified, which means that all employees work in good working conditions and enjoy fair wages.

Casual clothing made with a heart for the planet and humanity. Who wouldn't want that in their closet? Look below where you can get this trendy clothing brand.


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COSH recolution AW19 W119 01 F02 02 x1200 271b12 a20
COSH recolution AW19 W217 10 H01 Sweatcardigan Casual organic fairtrade veganbio nachhaltig Outfit x1200 946d47 e74

Where to buy Recolution?