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At Rainkiss, an Amsterdam based brand you can find sustainable and fashionable rain ponchos in all different kinds of colours and motives. They design these prints themselves but sometimes they do collaborations with other designers as well so there’s definitely a coat for everyone. The ponchos are made of 100% recycled polyester and have a water column of 10.000mm to keep you nice and dry. In the brand's own words: “Get excited for rain, get Rainkiss.”


Rainkiss produces its rain capes in Myanmar and the factory where this takes place is a member of Sedex/ Smeta. This organisation carries out regular independent checks to ensure ethical working conditions, fair pay, housing and safety.


All of the ponchos are made of 100% recycled polyester textile and are 100% waterproof because of the taped seams and waterproof column of 10.000mm. The hood of the coat is adjustable, the cuffs have a velcro closure and the side panels are adjustable with buttons so the poncho is convenient to wear on your bike ride as well. The brand claims to work only with sustainable materials and recycled polyesters.

Recycled polyester uses PET bottles as a raw material which is great because the bottles don’t end up in landfills or in the ocean this way. The bottles are flaked, heated, machine shrunk and then wound up in spools to make it into fabric. Fun fact: each Rainkiss rain poncho consists of at least 20 PET bottles! This process uses up to 40% less energy than the process of making virgin polyester. Another advantage of recycled polyester as opposed to virgin polyester is that the production of virgin polyester uses (new) petrochemical products, loads of water and has toxic byproducts.

COSH! Is generally not a fan of polyester as it is a synthetic fibre and it releases microplastics into the water when the material is washed. But for raincoats we make an exception because it is ideal for making clothes that need to be waterproof and you will not wash the jacket frequently. It is good to see Rainkiss opting for recycled polyester.

All Rainkiss ponchos are made by an Oeko-Tex certified manufacturer, so they are tested and free from harmful chemicals. The recycled polyester itself is also Oeko-Tex certified.

Animal welfare

In principle, Rainkiss jackets are vegan, the materials do not originate from animals as all jackets are made of the synthetic material polyester. The only thing we don't know is what kind of finishing agents and dyes are used to treat the coats, as these might contain animal products.

Circular economy

Rainkiss rain ponchos are made from 100% recycled polyester and, because they are made from a mono-material, they can be recycled after use as well. This makes them a circular product, the fabric can technically be re-melted over and over again. In reality, in 2021 we are still waiting for legislation to allow post-consumer clothing to be recycled. As polyester is not a natural material, it is not biodegradable, but it can technically be easily recycled in the future, so that’s not too bad. The high quality of the coats means they will last a long time too.

Slow fashion

The ponchos from this brand all come in the same unisex and one-size design aside from the different motives and colours they are decorated with. It is a loose-fitting coat so if it’s cold outside you can comfortably fit a thick sweater underneath. Because of the simple and wide design it has a timeless look and because of the sizing it is possible to even share the coat with your loved ones!

The ponchos also have a built-in storage pouch so you can easily fold it and take it anywhere, it only weighs 250g. The jackets are also transported from the manufacturer to the shop in these built-in pouches so that the transport can take place efficiently and without the use of plastic.

Although most of the prints and colours on these coats will make you stand out in the crowd, they are not especially based on short-lived trends so they will not go out of fashion. In conclusion, if you get a poncho in a print you like you will probably love it for years to come and the durable material will last for years too!

Looking for a coat that will protect you on a rainy bike ride but still looks stylish? You can find local stores that sell Rainkiss coats on the COSH! map. It’s nice to know that the brand has its own shop in Amsterdam, if you go there, chances are high that you find a poncho in your favourite print!

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