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Modern vintage

Ornament makes and prints T-shirts and sweaters with an eye for the environment and society. This is not a simple top piece. No, the t-shirts and sweaters of this brand have the coolest and hippest prints. It even makes you dream about the era of Sherlock Holmes, how wonderful is that?


Emilio De Baudringhien started his label as a means to change the fast fashion industry. With a love of fashion and the help of his mother's sewing machine, he started making T-shirts. But because cotton is not the most environmentally friendly product, he took a different and more ecological path. Namely the one of hemp.


Ornament's garments are made from sustainable materials, such as hemp, recycled PET, organic cotton and bamboo.
The fabrics they make from those materials are all approved by the GOTS and OCS 100 Standard. This means that the rolls of fabric consist of 95% natural materials and that no pesticides or other hazardous chemicals are used in the production process.

The T-shirts consist of 50% hemp and 50% organic cotton and the sweaters consist of 50% hemp and 50% bamboo. In addition, the ink used by Ornament to print the garments is biodegradable. The packaging boxes are made of recycled cardboard and the labels are made of recycled paper. Very organic, to put it mildly.

Fair wear

The rolls of fabric allow the brand to produce in China in factories that comply with Chinese labor laws. The employees therefore work in good working conditions and receive a fair wage. The rolls are then transported to the studio in Ghent where they are transformed into T-shirts and sweaters by Emilio and printed with a silkscreen. If that's not old school! If that's not old school!

Do you like a nostalgic print and do you also like to dress casual?
Then Ornament is definitely something for you!


Ornament Joffrey beetlebug trui voorkant 1296x
Ornament Hemp COSH Jelle ancient revival sweater voorkant 1296x
Ornament Hemp COSH Dennis live let live t shirt voorkant 1296x
Ornament Dennis ancient revival t shirt voorkant 1296x
Ornament COSH Sammy the struggle t shirt voorkant 1296x