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Sexy, elegant and sustainable

A dream for every woman: lingerie that fits comfortably.
Ophelia Debisschop takes this to heart and uses her lingerie brand to create beautiful sets that perfectly fit the woman's body.

Ophelia is all about the woman. How she feels in it, but also how long she can carry it. A bra of the brand will last at least three years, which is longer than usual. This is due to the special closing system that Ophelia has incorporated into it. She doesn't work with clasps, but with the same ribbon sliding system as the shoulder straps. This makes it very easy to adjust the bra to your fit. The materials she uses are also safe for the washing machine, which also extends the life of the piece.

Ophelia’s workshop

The lingerie is made by Ophelia at De Spiegelaere in Roeselare. This is a company that specialises in producing and selling lingerie and swimwear. This company only works with small batches, which prevents overproduction. Some pieces, such as tailored orders or adjustments, are still made by Ophelia herself in her studio. She obtains her materials from three different producers in Europe. The fabrics come from Wegal & Tricotel in Italy, which is Oeko-Tex certified. She gets the lace from Dresdner Spitzen in Germany and the rubber bands from the French company Satab. COSH! got a look at Ophelia's suppliers and thought the brand immediately deserved the 100% transparency!


With Ophelia, you spoil not only yourself, but also your body. COSH! is in love!

Where to buy Ophelia Lingerie?


Ophelia Lingerie FW21 brand COSH See YOU set Ophelia lingerie black lace one shoulder FW2021
Ophelia Lingerie FW21 brand COSH Inner Strength body dark blue bamboo cotton 2
Ophelia Lingerie FW21 brand COSH Ophelia lingerie Crazy set warm brown velvet 2 COSH FW2021
Ophelia Lingerie FW21 brand COSH Intuition set Ophelia lingerie deep red lace 2
Ophelia Lingerie FW21 brand COSH Conquering set Ophelia lingerie dark blue velvet 2